Super 16 Team #7 Schuylkill Haven Hurricanes

Schuylkill Haven went 7-5 last season. That could be their lowest win total for the next four seasons. Seven starters on back on offense, nine on defense. The Canes are able to rotate six running backs. Quarterback Danny Lozada is a three year starter. They're deep, and built for long-term success.

"Schuylkill Haven is going to have a good couple of years," Head Coach Mike Farr said. "Up front, we are very young up front and we're not as big as we have, typically have, been. But, with all these athletes will be able to do some things we've never been able to do."

Schuylkill Haven is stepping forward on both sides of the ball. But, they're also getting transfers from Blue Mountain just across the lake in Mike and Matt Kalyan. The twins will be a terror on offense and defense."

"Well, they both bring that instant leadership and toughness that we really needed," Farr said. "You know, being so young we really needed some true leadership to go get and from the first day they walked on our coaches room and knew them. They come in the jungle, but they're instant toughness that we needed."

Haven is a young team, with strong senior leadership. No one is rushing for 1,500 yards. But, the yards and touchdowns will come from a bevy of backs.

"It gives us breaks, and there's a lot of talent that we have. There's a ton of talent and they're all really well," senior running back Preston Gehring said. "Tons of more experience those younger guys that we had last year were very young. Now they're juniors. They're going to know what they are doing."

What they are going to do, is win... A lot of games. Super 16 team #7, the Schuylkill Haven Hurricanes.

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