Protest in Sunbury Over Pit Bull

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UPDATE (8/17/16) -- On Wednesday, a judge in Northumberland County ordered Tank the pit bull to be placed back in the custody of an animal rescue group. This order reversed Tuesday's decision to allow the pit bull's owner to choose a person to take care of the dog. The judge did not give a reason for the change in orders.

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SUNBURY -- Close to a dozen protesters stood outside the juvenile probation office in Sunbury and held up signs. They were seeking justice for a dog.

Back in April, a surveillance camera caught two pit bulls attacking a cat in Shamokin. The cat died and the dogs were taken away from their owners, Shatiq Crum and Timothy Tyler. Now, one of those dogs, Tank, is going to a new home.

"It's atrocious. It's horrible. This dog was finally in a good place," Carol Kalinowski said.

Recently a Northumberland County judge ordered Tank to be released to a new owner--an owner picked by Crum's mother.

"Justice was not served for this dog or this cat," Robin Montgomery said.

Tank was brought to the drop off in Sunbury by the rescue group that had been caring for him outside Harrisburg. The group says Tank has made progress over the past few months.

"He did go after the cats. I controlled him. But the second day when we went outside, I was giving him leash corrections and he ignored the cats," Chief Ron Hollister said.

According to Chief Hollister, Tank has heart worms and needs to be under consistent care by a veterinarian.

"I hope that they continue the medication and the vet treatment," Hollister said.

"The dog is supposed to be under low-level activity because if it gets too much activity with this heart worm, it can die," Kalinowski said.

These folks tell Newswatch 16 one of the reasons they held the protest to get the attention of the judge and the Northumberland County District Attorney.

"It's right here in our own backyard. The abuse is here and it needs to stop," Kalinowski said.

As for the other dog involved in this case, there has been no court order filed to release that dog to its owner. That pit bull is still being cared for by the animal rescue group in Carlisle.


  • Jimbo

    This article did not make any sense to me. Are they protesting because the pit was released, or because it did not go back to its previous owners?

  • mike hunt

    Sounds to me like the dogs are lucky to be alive after mauling a cat to death, judge was more than kind so I wouldn’t push your luck. Pit bulls aren’t bad dogs, they just often times have bad owners.

  • Maureen R Mower

    It would be nice if whomever wrote this piece had actually studied journalism. I read the full article and still have no idea WHY the people were protesting. We’re they upset that the dog is getting a new home, or did something fall through with the adoption?

    Impossible to tell, as the author forgot to write a coherent piece. I could’ve done a better article in 5th grade!!

    • Dorpmuller

      Upset because the dog might have had the chance to go to a loving home and instead the jerkoff judge released him to the scumbag’s mother, so yoj can figure howthat ends up.

  • Ghost

    Many dogs that are adopted out of shelters can’t be housed with cats because they can and will chase and kill them, yet plenty of people still adopt them and no one says anything of it. Had this dog been properly restrained this wouldn’t have happened. Thousands of German Shepherds, Huskies, and many other breeds attack and kill squirrels, rabbits, and if they can catch them, cats a year on their own and no one says those dogs or their breeds are dangerous. Yet this dog is pretty much told to attack the cat and the dog must be killed for doing what it was told.

    • Dorpmuller

      If the dog had a person instead of a subhuman, this wouldn’t have happened in the first place. All dogs have a prey drive, that’s what dogs do. My sweet Lab will take off like an F-14 off a carrier deck if she sees a rabbit, we have a fenced in yard and follow leash laws religiously. So no problems here. She never catches them but boy, does she run! Whomever this apples to reading here: KEEP THEM LEASHED!! I’M TIRED OF SEEING DOGS RUN LOOSE BECAUSE OF STUPID OWNERS! You shouldn’t have a dog then. You are endangering his/her life!

    • Dorpmuller

      Please enlighten us… figures with the press.. what actually happened? But at least it got covered and made public.

  • Les

    Pit bulls love humans. They can learn to love other animals too but MUST be introduced during their puppy stage.
    Sadly, adopting a shelter pit requires a lot of patience and can be disastrous.
    I love this breed, but one must exercise extreme caution when adopting one.

    • Jamie

      Seriously get over yourself. Pit pushers? Yes. Continue to have your priorities in order in your life.
      Calling people crazy for their opinions and their choices is not ok.
      Why are you so anti-pitbull? You have to be one of the first commenters on all social outlets about this story. Maybe you should worry about bigger issues in the world instead of bashing other human beings in masses.

    • J579

      You are just as simple as the rest every pit bull is not vicious or as you would put it bad I have 2 that have been raised with my children and are the best dog anyone could want read facts it’s your fabulous little show dogs that bite more


    Why should I give a rats rear end about a drug addict dying!? No one is holding a gun to their head making them take drugs! Their deaths should be labeled suicide because clearly they know what they are doing to themselves. No sympathy here!!!!!!!!


    Saw a BLM yesterday walking a dog without a leash and the dog did it’s business on the sidewalk. The the BLM gave this dog such a kick into it’s side for doing that, that it flew about 4′ into the st. The poor dog looked up at the BLM because it didn’t know it did anythig wrong. I did call the cops on the BLM but I don’t think they found him. And this is within a block of this Crum SCUM! So now tell me BLM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dorpmuller

      I would’ve been out of the car and take it on myself. Law enforcement is a joke. Here by the time the GD dispatcher gets done asking 100 questions the perp would be in Timbuktu. If I saw that I would’ve beat the scumbag senseless and rescued the dog. Go ahead, arrest me. No wonder dogs don’t like blm. That’s how they treat them.

      • MMMMM

        I did get the BLM’s picture as I was out in the neighborhood taking pictures of blight. Seems like anything goes here in Shitmokin! What else could i do? I was ready with my pepper spray, but being a 57 yr. old female I am not going to risk putting myself in harms way. Or be realiated against if the BLM knows where I live.

      • Dorpmuller

        MMMM I understand… guess that was easy to say not living in the area. I’m in a good area but I still carry my 4 cell Maglite skull cracker. (night walks)

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