Driver Playing Pokemon Go Hits Cop Car in Accident Caught on Video

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BALTIMORE – A man playing Pokemon Go while driving ended up colliding with a Baltimore police officer’s parked patrol car early Saturday morning.

The officers had just responded to a 911 call and were standing on the sidewalk around 3:30 a.m. when one officer’s body camera recorded the accident.

They were standing steps from the vehicle when, suddenly, a tan-colored Toyota RAV4 slammed into the patrol car at high speed.

No one was seriously injured, and when officers caught up to the driver he seemed more embarrassed than anything.

The driver got out of the car holding his phone so police could see the game, and said, “That’s what I get for playing this dumb a** game.”


  • Lacey

    To all the people out there that keep saying how great this app is for their kids……ok but it’s these freaking idiots (adults) that’s pissing everyone off!!! Not the kids the adults!!!! Get a life hahaha and I will continue to bitch about this game and all the idiots playing it!!!

  • Supporter of America

    Hope they threw this retard in jail. Give him time to think about his life and his life’s choices. Go ahead and vote down, but how about doing something inventive and explain your brilliance to defend this retard. And no, I’m not picking on people with actual impairments just the people that I can’t believe haven’t killed themselves yet by their stupidity.

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