Power To Save: Brighter Boys and Girls Clubs Saving Money

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SCRANTON -- Many renovation projects these days involve being more energy efficient.

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Northeastern Pennsylvania just unveiled renovations the agency started back in June.

This year's holiday party at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Northeastern Pennsylvania is really a celebration -- a chance to show off the big changes to the first floor of the facility on Ash Street in Scranton.

The renovation that started in June is complete.

"The building is brighter, the colors are brighter, more kid-friendly and we see the kids more excited to come here on a day-to-day basis," said Louis Costanzo, board of directors.

"We had a facility here that was built in the 70s, and really there wasn't a lot on the interior at least, and this improvement has been fantastic," said executive director Tricia Thomas.

The club's director and a board member took us on a tour before the party so we could get a good look.

Brighter is the big word to describe the changes. Some of that has to do with new flooring and a new color scheme, but most is thanks to high-efficiency LED lighting.

There's more light now for less cost.

"You know we're a nonprofit so we're on a tight budget, so we expect this to help us in the long term. But the brightness is 50 percent better than it was before," said Costanzo.

This event unveiling the changes gave credit to the city of Scranton for a grant to make it possible, and Highland Associates for doing the design work for free.

"This really is a second home to the children who come to the Boys and Girls Club. Most kids who come here come every day, we want them to come here, have a good time and be proud of the environment they're in," Thomas said.

And some of the thousand or so kids who use this place are already giving their brighter space good reviews.