Small Business Saturday: A Success Despite Rain

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SCRANTON -- Supporting small businesses in your community is what Small Business Saturday is all about.

Dozens of small businesses came out to show off their products Saturday in Lackawanna County.

Emily Taylor filled her "Little Gems by Em" table with earrings and homemade ceramic mugs along Ash Street in Scranton. She's a small business owner looking to make some sales and Saturday is her day.

She said, "It's nice that all the artists come together and it's a nice little thing for the community." Taylor like dozens of others here in Scranton are participating in Small Business Saturday.

A shopping event that focuses on small businesses and all they do for the community.

"There is a huge turnout it's awesome too because there is such a variety of things. There is everything some salad dressings to Christmas trees. There is everything so it's really cool," said Sarah Sherman, owner of S.E.S. Styles.

Sherman has been in the small business world for two years now selling children's clothes she makes herself. She usually sells her clothes online. This event gets her out into her community.

Sherman added, "It's nice to be able to come out and display my stuff, hopefully meet some new people and see my neighbors."

Even though the weather isn't cooperating, people here say they are still happy to see all the people and all the businesses that came out. It just goes to show how important it is to support these local businesses.

"You know the big box stores take away. These are specialty shops. They are trying to make a living and they care about their community and the money stays in their community and that is so important," said Marie Jones of Scranton.

"If we don't help one another out we aren't going to be successful and I think that makes a big difference," said Eugenia Evarts, owner of Eugenia's Bakery.

Other people think more events focusing on small businesses should be held year round because it's a positive way to keep the community growing and these entrepreneurs thriving.