Lewisburg Doctor Delivers 8,000th Baby

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KELLY TOWNSHIP -- Many of us have been in the delivery room at one time or another to witness the unparalleled joy of the birth of a child. One doctor in central Pennsylvania has been there to witness that emotion--8,000 times!

Dr. George Miller of Lewisburg Gynecology & Obstetrics delivers babies for a living and he recently hit a milestone in his career: 8,000 deliveries.

"It seems like a lot. Although looking back, it doesn't feel like that many," Dr. Miller said.

Miller started delivering babies in 1970. He started his own practice near Lewisburg in 1978. There are two facilities at Evangelical Community Hospital that handle baby deliveries. Dr. Miller delivers about one-third of those babies and the other facility with 10 doctors and midwives delivers the rest. Miller says he delivers around 200 babies a year and he credits his staff.

"The nurses who are excited about and proud of what they do, it makes my job easier," Miller said.

After delivering 8,000 babies, Miller says he has a lot of memories over the years.

"Some that are good and some that are not. The one that I remember most is I delivered my own son in 1987," Miller said.

"8,000 babies, that's a lot of babies," Wendy Wat said.

Wendy and Ian Wat of Mifflinburg proudly introduced us to baby number 8,000: Mayleigh Elizabeth, who is 3-and-a-half days old.

The Wats say as first-time parents, knowing Dr. Miller has this much experience is very reassuring to them.

"[We] do know that he did 8,000 deliveries. That definitely builds your confidence in your doctor," Wendy said.

"Especially with me being Chinese, the number eight is very lucky, so 8,000 just tickles me that she's going to be a really lucky baby," Ian said.

Dr. Miller does not plan on stopping any time soon. He is very proud of the accomplishment he just made.

We should add, as of this weekend, his delivery count rose to 8,001.