‘Avengers’ Star Joins Protests Calling for Fracking Ban

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HARRISBURG -- An actor known for his role as the Incredible Hulk used his star power today to protest natural gas fracking in Pennsylvania.

Mark Ruffalo rallied at the State Capitol and then delivered petitions to the governor in hopes he puts a moratorium on hydraulic fracking.

The actor was joined by people who called themselves victims of the fracking industry Wednesday in Harrisburg. Some were from northeastern Pennsylvania and want the governor to ban hydro-fracking, saying it's caused harm to their health and environment.

Ruffalo brought more than just water to the State Capitol in Harrisburg. He brought Pennsylvanians who claim natural gas drilling has made them sick and poisoned their environment.

"We’re sick and tired of being ignored," said Craig Stevens of Silver Lake Township.

Stevens calls Susquehanna County home and said his water was contaminated by the process known as fracking.

Stevens, Ruffalo, and several environmental groups want Governor Tom Wolf to ban fracking.

"It’s people like Governor Wolf who can set the reset button on Pennsylvania," said Ruffalo.

While the protesters told their stories with tears in their eyes, a group of lobbyists for the natural gas industry watched and listened. We asked for their take on the push for a moratorium on fracking.

"Congratulations," one was heard saying to another. "This is the face of the anti-fracking movement."

Pete Gleason is a lobbyist with K&L Gates, who according to the firm's web page, represents several natural gas companies in the legislative and regulatory process. We tried to ask him about fracking.

"Mind if we chat? You’re a lobbyist for fracking industry," we asked.

"No. Not at all. Thank you, though," he said. Gleason's colleagues also avoided our cameras.

Soon, Ruffalo and the others were walking to the governor's office carrying thousands of signed petitions calling for a ban on fracking.

As the budget battle wages on and the governor pushes for a severance tax on the gas industry, advocates for a ban said there's a disconnect between Harrisburg and folks who live in the Marcellus Shale.

"They’re down here with their clean water and clean air and they don’t have to think about it," said Ray Kemble of Dimock Township.

A spokesman for Governor Wolf did not directly address the request for a moratorium, but said the governor wants more industry oversight and wants to see the natural gas industry grow because as he puts it: it's important to the state's economy.

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  • magicmikexxsm

    Avengers’ Star Joins Protests Calling for Fracking Ban……………………………………
    He should stick to making movies……..I remember when all heck broke out about Fracking chems in the drinking water up in northern Pa. the Pa State DEP checked the water came back and said no frack chems in the water, oh but the people of the area said they Pa was lying wouldn’t believe them, so the feds epa comes in test the wells oh after 6 weeks or so the fed epa says no frack chems in the water…and you idiots up there still won’t believe the feds…..the fes epa just runs around looking to hammer companies for pollution, they had their chance and couldn’t find anything…..

    So people give it a break already,

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