Nonprofit Gives Away Furniture for Free

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WILLIAMSPORT -- It might be difficult to find a sale on furniture like the one we found in Williamsport Wednesday. A non-profit organization was giving hundreds of pieces of furniture away for free.

For one day only, lamps, couches; everything in this lot across the street from American Rescue Workers in Williamsport is free.

"Yeah, it's amazing and I'm willing to give back that's what I told them in donations," said Ken Heinz.

Donated furniture at American Rescue Workers on Elmira Street was piling up. The nonprofit was able to sell a lot of it and raised about $2,000 but there was still plenty of furniture left over.

Everything left in this lot is now free.

Mike Marchese spent the day helping folks move furniture.

"This is my second load today. I took a bunch of bikes and scooters up to Second Street. That's where this load is going,” said Mike Marchese.

"A lot of people can't afford to get new stuff and a lot of this stuff is decent. It's really nice," said Janette Bush.

Bush came down with a friend she picked up a few things for herself and her neighbors.

"I'm just being the neighborhood Santa. Seeing things that other people say they need. They can't afford to get it, so I'm picking some things up for a few people," said Bush.

If these items aren't taken, they'll either be recycled or hauled away. That's why employees hope they don't have much left after this big sale.

"People need to take advantage and come on down here and take a look at it. Don't let the furniture go to waste,” said Kat Williams.

Williams found a piece of furniture she likes, but she plans to repaint it.

"I just got the suggestion to fix it up. They told me what to do. She gave me her number and said, 'if you need any help, I'll come over and help you,'" said Williams.

Employees say furniture that's left will still be up for grabs until it's hauled away sometime later this week. Despite the overwhelming response, the people at American Rescue Workers say they will still accept any and all donations.