$50K Raised For 50th Year of Jersey Shore Borough Pool

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JERSEY SHORE --- On Saturday the borough pool in Jersey Shore opens for its 51st season. The pool needed some work before opening day and the community raised thousands of dollars to pay for it.

The sprinklers are on at the kiddie pool and the large pool has been filled. Borough workers in Jersey Shore are just about ready to open the pools for the 51st season.

Paul Garrett took pictures earlier this week when the big pool on Thompson Street looked much different.

"There was a hole on the bottom where they liked to go down and pick the tiles up. Not only did we fix the one hole we fixed all the loose concrete on the bottom,” said Ann Green.

A construction team worked all week repairing and painting.

Ann Green led the effort to raise the $50,000 needed for the project.

"We put together a group of people that we knew that was willing to knock on doors," said Green.

Last year when the pool turned 50, Green helped start the donation drive called $50,000 for 50 years.

Borough manager Joe Hamm says the renovations would have been difficult to do without the help.

"The pool needed work and so there was a chance the pool would have to close and you see it all over. You see pool closing and we had our community step up and businesses in our community step up,” said Hamm.

Not only were they able to collect donations for the pool, Penn College donated picnic tables to the borough.

“This community came around this topic and has just been wonderful," said Green.

While the community will have the chance to take a dip in the pool starting this weekend, Green says she was already in the water.

"I fell in. I fell in yesterday. I was being brave and was looking at something on the bottom and I fell right in. So I christened the pool yesterday. I am proud to be the first one," laughed Green.