9th Annual Janet Rothenberg Memorial Gymnastics Meet

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Over the holiday weekend, the United Sports Academy from Dunmore hosted the Janet Rothenberg Memorial competition at Split Rock Resort in Carbon County.   The meet became a memorial 9 years ago after the death from a brain tumor of 19 year old, Janet Rothenberg, who loved gymnastics.
"I think it's a great way to be commemorated.  I can think of no better way.  Of course, we wish she was still with us today and I never did get to meet her, but I think that it makes her name and spirit really live on," said Emma Lange, U.S.A. gymnast.
"It's incredible! The level of competition is just phenomenal.  Every meet has different compositions of girls competing, so it gives them a good idea.  This is a large meet so it gives them an idea as to where they stand to prepare for states and regionals," said Janet's mother, Deede Rothenberg.
In this sea of over 1,100 competitors, you can find world champions and national champions, but only a handful of these girls will be competing for the $5,000 scholarship.

"It would mean the world to me because Janet is an inspiration for me, even though I never met her. To get a scholarship in her name would just mean the world to me," said Megan McGowan, U.S.A. gymnast.
"I'm really looking to go to the same school that Janet went to, the University of Pittsburgh, and with college being so expensive, anything would help so much," Lange said.

Based on the scholarship criteria and scores at the meet, this year's scholarship was awarded to Emily LoPiccolo from Gymnastics Plus in New York.
"It would've meant so much to Janet and to know that there was somebody who was receiving the $5,000 scholarship towards college in her name.  It means everything to us and we are so grateful for everything the gym has done," said Deede Rothenberg.