State Police Name Suspect In Trooper Slaying

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eric freinBLOOMING GROVE TOWNSHIP — State police announced arrest warrants for a suspect in the fatal shooting of a trooper over the weekend.

Investigators said Eric Matthew Frein, 31, of Canadensis is a suspect in the killing of Corporal Bryon Dickson and the wounding of Trooper Alex Douglass Friday night outside the Blooming Grove state police barracks.

Troopers said Frein is not in custody and is considered armed and very dangerous.

"This fellow is extremely dangerous. We have no idea where he is in the community. He has been described as a survivalist. He has a lot of training in that particular area. He has made statements about wanting to kill law enforcement officers and also to commit mass acts of murder," said Pennsylvania State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan.

The warrants are for long list of charges including first degree murder.

The break in the case came when a man who lives in Blue Heron Estates was out walking his dog and stumbled upon a Jeep submerged in a retention pond about two miles from the barracks.

The army veteran called the state police tip line with their first big break.

"The canopy is very dense, difficult to see down through with an aircraft, and it really takes someone on foot walking through that area," said Lt. Colonel George Bivens, Deputy Commissioner of Operations, Pennsylvania State Police.

State police found that Jeep, which was registered to Frein's parents, and searched it late Monday night, shutting down parts of Route 6 and 402.

Inside, the say they found shell casings that matched the .308 caliber rifle used to gun down the troopers, Frein's driver's license, camouflage face paint, and a black hoodie.

Police then searched Frein's home in Canadensis. Troopers found a book titled "Sniper Training and Employment" and more shell casings.

Frein is still believed to be armed with a .308 caliber rifle and very dangerous.

"There's a threat everywhere. This is a very dangerous individual and I wouldn't want to minimize the threat to anybody. We're all on high alert and we're certainly looking for him and we intend to keep him on the run until we catch him," Commissioner Noonan added.

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  • Jake

    PSP need to send out WILK’s Steve Corbit ! With his karate kicks and ace reporter skills—— he’ll find this guy.

  • concerned

    You r an idiot who does not understand what they read! Where does it say he was an ex service man? Even if he was that does not mean everyone should pay for what he done! He is mentally unstable an needs to be locked away from society for the rest of his life!

  • concerned

    Really ?? people honestly believe that taking guns away is the answer? All this time I thought that was just a point they argue in congress to bargain with! People kill people! If they didn’t have guns they would find another way! Saying guns kill people is like saying we can’t own knives, axes, hammers or can not keep antifreeze, rat poison or any other product or utility utensils that some sick deranged person has used to kill someone with! Get off the out law gun kick an try to find a solution to why these people are mentally unstable!

  • Dave Morton

    I see all of you talking about “The Guns”, I’m tired of hearing that guns cause the violence, mental disorder causes the violence. Ever think if we as a country paid more attention to mental illness the violence would decrease. Same goes to all you who think religion should be banned everywhere. If you have no gun or anyway to protect yourself and someone tries to break in your house, what do you do? Call someone with a gun and prey to God they get there in time. They’ll get this NUT JOB I’m sure of it.

  • nothanks

    PTSD isn’t new, although it hasn’t always been a household word like it is now. Shell shock, “the thousand yard stare”, and so on, go back to WWI at least.

    The shooter wasn’t ex-military.

    Furthermore, it was an ex-Marine that shot JFK as far back as 1963, so I’m not sure what “today’s soldiers” has to do with anything.

    You are rapidly approaching a Glenn Beck level of ignorance here.

  • Chris Lew

    Are you listening to yourself? My heart and prayers go out to Law Enforcement and their families. I hope they find this guy and serve justice. That being said, your comments are disgusting. The idea that our brave Soldiers, Marines and Airmen should go get shot at off somewhere in a dusty box where you, Robert Jarow, don’t have to think about it, while fighting to preserve the freedoms we enjoy, only to have to come back and listen to you run your mouth is beyond the pale. In a free society, a man says as he pleases, and a bears arms as he pleases. It seems like the First Amendment guarantees the right to say what you like, but evidently it doesn’t protect you from sounding like an fool. Have a good day Mr. Jarow. Idiot.

    • john wayne

      Funny how the cities with the strictest gun control and hand gun bans, have the highest violent crime rates. keep drinking the cool-aid from Diane Fienstein who conceal carries herself and has armed body guards but i guess self defense is only a right for the aristocrats of government.

  • Haight

    Just got a phone call from PMSD stating that all of their schools are closed tomorrow due to this whacko still being on the loose.

  • mrthompson

    So let’s see here NRA member, gun enthusiast and right wing terrorist Eric Frein is your suspect everyone, yep, sound about right. Forget ISIS – Domestic right wing terrorism is where we should be focusing our counter-terrorism efforts.

  • Citizen

    For those of you who believe he is innocent in spite of overwhelming evidence, why hasn’t this man turned himself in yet? I know if I was accused of a crime as cruel as this one, I’d be sprinting to the police station to clear my name and spare my reputation..

  • Kip Liles

    Good job to all involved in identifying this suspect. Prayerfully he will be apprehended very soon with nobody else injured. Prayers from Florida for the safety of each and every person involved in this search. May God bless you and keep you safe!!!

  • Mr. Swift

    Just imagine for a moment, you are entering a viewing, all your friends and family are gathered with shattered looks on their faces. You walk up to the casket, look down, and see your father or your brother. Imagine being that person. Imagine that crushing, sickening weight on your chest. There is no excuse or justification for this psychopath; only justice.

  • Z U

    I hope the next murdered person (wherever it may be) gets this type of hype, media coverage and law enforcement attention. Um, I think not

  • Citizen

    The bleeding hearts have officially taken over. America is too soft.. It’s unfortunate that we can’t shoot at him from a far distance while his back is turned. It’s sick that this officer was murdered the way he was (not to mention his family will suffer for a lifetime from his death) and that the other trooper continues to suffer from his injuries, but all this sicko is going to get is his five seconds of pain before death by the needle.

    • mrthompson

      if the bleeding hearts had officially taken over this clearly insane man would have never had access to a firearm and a heroic cop would still be alive. so..on second thought…maybe they should take over. in any case, they’re certainly not the ones in charge right now – the gun lobby is. and cops keep dying.

      • Anthony Hamilton

        You can just shut the hell up right there…don’t contaminate anyone else with your stupidity. Your little “It’s the guns fault” argument can be catered to the sewing circle of soccer moms somewhere else.

      • Citizen

        Drugs are illegal and people are still manufacturing and transporting heroin, cocaine, meth, etc. into the U.S. I truly feel awful for you if you believe that making guns illegal would stop the ‘bad guys’ from getting a hold of them. When guns are in the hands of the wrong people, the good law abiding citizens will have NOTHING to defend themselves with.

    • Hanz

      Yeah it’s way too bad we can’t just call in drone strikes on random human shaped heat signatures in the woods until we think we killed the guy.

  • M Torch

    Or that they accidentally paralyze him from the neck down while capturing him just to be sure he doesn’t enjoy one day on death row or his life sentence.

  • Donna Riviello

    I hope the good citizen (hero) walking his dog & was alert to his surrounding by finding the submerged jeep in the pond that belonged to Mathew Frein the cop killer & took action calling 911 gets the $75,000 reward money !! If another good citizen leads the police to capture this monster-the reward should be split in two !!!

    • justiceisserved570

      Ok tough guy. No I hope
      It ends peacefully or the suspect takes his own life.

      If search pattern was done right the suspect wouldn’t have a 48 jump start to plan possibly more senseless violence.

    • True_Archer

      You’re right thumbs-down, that’s not what I meant, what meant was “I knew it was some conspiracy-theorist-anarchistic-nut in camo!”

    • justiceisserved570

      Why a thumbs down?
      What a search pattern that was. Don’t get me wrong I hope that suspect doesn’t make it to trial, but if the search
      Was adequate at start this killer wouldn’t have had all this time to flee.
      Truth hurts.

  • Native

    Show some respect!!!! Im sorry someone died to keep you safe enough to sit around in your pajamas complaining about your rights to listen to the radio.

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