Early Morning Hold Up in Nanticoke

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NANTICOKE -- A robber is on the run after an early morning hold up in Luzerne County.

Police said the thief used a knife to hold up the Turkey Hill Minit Mart on West Main Street in Nanticoke around 12:30a.m. on Friday.

Police tell us a man walked up to the counter and knocked over a Reese's Peanut Butter Cups display and other items to get the worker's attention.

He threatened to stab her if she didn't give him all the cash in the register.

Police have not said how much the robber got away with in Luzerne County.


  • Brian B Calderone

    Will WNEP ever provide the in depth data on what percentage of convenience stores get robbed in states where citizens are encouraged to learn how to depend themselves by law enforcement as well as the NRA?

  • Strider

    WNEP-Stop being so POLITICALLY CORRECT! What should the residents be looking for–where is the description of the thief with the knife? Are they white, black, hispanic? Male, female? This is not the only story where I have no idea who to look for to help and/or keep safe.

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