UPDATE: Williamsport Police Investigate Early Morning Shooting

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WILLIAMSPORT -- A man is in the hospital after being shot twice in the torso early Thursday morning in Williamsport and police in Lycoming County are still searching for who did it.

Police say the shooting victim is a man with ties to the Philadelphia area. He's currently in critical condition with two gunshot wounds.

Neighbors on Third Avenue in Williamsport say they heard several shots just after 1 a.m. and called police.

Investigators carried bags of evidence out of a house on 3rd Avenue in Williamsport. Police spent hours investigating after they found a man collapsed and bleeding a few blocks away on West Fourth Street.

Police say the 25 year old with ties to the Philadelphia area was shot twice in the upper body and taken to a hospital.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom , boom. Five of them right in a row,” said Bonnie Kline from Williamsport.

“When you hear the first shot you automatically start counting,” said Gretchen Kennedy from Williamsport.

Kennedy and other neighbors on 3rd Avenue say they called police shortly after 1 a.m.

“I heard the five shots. It sounded like they were running and apparently they were,” said Kennedy.

Police say they found the victim yards away from where the shooting actually happened on 3rd Avenue.

Newswatch 16 spoke with college students who live a few doors down. They say they just moved in.

“Yea, I'm from York, so that's in a small town, not anything like this,” said Morgan Dettinger a student at Penn College.

There are bullet holes in the porch bannister just a few houses down from Morgan Dettinger's apartment.

Dettinger goes to Penn College. She says campus security sent out text messages updating students about the shooting.

“I never expected to be in the area of this. It's scary,” said Dettinger.

“Too many young kids around here, college kids and the elderly. It's just not right,” said Kline.

Police are still investigating.  At this point officials have not said if they have any suspects in this case.



    Remember the old commercial in the 1970’s ? The American Indian sitting on a horse with by the city with garbage, and he had a tear running down his cheek ?

    I sit on the river walk on my bike thinking of the influx garbage that has trashed our once nice city, and I have a tear running down my cheek. I have to be in by dark, never do I or family go in convenience stores in once good parts of town on high street, this city has been ruined from Philly influx !

  • Be-Alert

    What has happened to this beautiful town? Makes me sick that people can do this and we don’t know anything. I think they should tell who owns the building and who lives there. Give up the info

  • Stan the bun man

    It’s not easy to make friends in a new city. And no family locally to comfort him as her recovers in hospital.

  • Johnathan Pace

    If you don’t like the shootings or the drugs get out of Williamsport this is the city the mayor created so get out or strap up.

  • Solution for ***PHIL***iamsport

    Sorry Mayor Campana, I know you have tried but the only solution is for all these PHILLY thugs, deviants, addicts, felons, pimps, etc. to be sent back to PHILLY from once they came ! Williamsport needs an EXCORCISM to cast these PHILLY DEMONS back to the ghetto hell from whence they came ! They RUINED the town !

  • fratboy

    good pickup, WNEP. BTW, Third Avenue is 3/4 mile long and starts near Penn College and ends near Williamsport Hospital. A more definitive location would help keep some of us locals from fearing the crime was committed near our homes.

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