Volunteers Spend a Day of Caring

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SCRANTON -- Organizing clothes on racks may not seem like hard work, but for some, it signifies a world of help.

"It's been a godsend to have people from the community coming in and helping out the volunteers today. We had an opportunity to repaint the room last week, so a few hours ago this room was empty," said United Neighborhood Center community services director Jill Moyle.

People volunteered in Scranton as part of the annual United Way Day of Caring. More than 400 volunteers helped out 21 agencies across the area, including United Neighborhood Centers in Scranton.

This is where UNC runs Angel's Attic, offering free, donated clothes to underprivileged people. Some volunteers did more than just clean and organize.

Mary Icker donated to the agency.

"It's just so important for people in the area. I'm fortunate. I come from a good family. And there's so many people that are in such desperate need of help," said Day of Caring volunteer Mary Icker.

While some worked indoors, others were outdoors, sprucing up and landscaping at places like Telespond Senior Services in Scranton.

"To have 22 volunteers here in one day is phenomenal. We get so much work done in one day, it would probably take us weeks to get done what they can do for us," said Telespond Adult Day Service director Mary O'Donnell.

But more importantly volunteers spent time with the seniors, some doing activities, others just talking.

"So that's great for them. They love to see new faces and they love to have people to talk to, very important," said O'Donnell.

An important day to clean up, get some work done, and more importantly show how much you care.