Troy Police Back At Scene Of Deadly Wreck

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TROY—A small memorial is set up on the side of porter road in Troy, near the intersection of Route 6 which is also known as Elmira Street.

It is a small balloon, some flowers and a drawing for a 7-year-old boy killed in a crash.

“One of the guys I work with, he was one of the first ones on the scene, he was the second one here when it happened and it’s just very sad,” said Earl Brown, who lives in the area.

Troy police told Newswatch this: early Wednesday night a man was riding his bicycle with his 6-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son in a cart he was pulling, when a man driving a Tetra Gas Company pick-up truck turned onto Porter Road, hitting them.

Investigators spent hours reconstructing the scene of the deadly crash.

They said they returned specifically to take pictures of the sun at the same time of the crash Thursday night to see if glare from the sun was a factor.

Witnesses to the crash told Newswatch 16 the driver said he did not see the family of three because of the sun.

“That was one of the possibilities we had to either rule in or rule out, you know as a contributing factor,” said Troy Police Officer Mike Northup.

Police said the victims in this case had recently moved to this area from South Carolina.

“It makes you realize how short life is, you just have no clue about, you’re going to go for a bike ride like they did and just like that, you’re gone and I feel so sad for the family. It just makes you want to pick the child up and wish you could do something,” said Cathy Burlingame, who lives near the crash scene.


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