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Power To Save: Linked Up In The Laundry Rooms

DALLAS TOWNSHIP — It seems college students rely on their smartphones for just about everything and now that even includes their laundry.

The phones may not be able to do the wash but now they can tell students at Misericordia University when their laundry is done in the dorm laundromats and more.

It’s time for Misericordia University senior Leila Conerford to do her first load of laundry this semester but there are changes to the washers and dryers now on every floor of every dorm.

First of all, no need for quarters, laundry costs now come out of student fees.

“That’s really nice. I didn’t have to take my giant tub of quarters with me to school so that took about 30 pounds off my move in!” Conerford said.

Laundry at the university near Dallas has also gone high-tech. A little device can now keep track of who is doing their laundry and send them a text message when it’s done, so students can head off to do other things, without thinking about the wash.

“I have a busy schedule so the fact that I don’t have to worry about doing my laundry and waiting around for my laundry is huge,” Conerford added.

Not only can students get a text when they’re laundry is done, they can actually go online and find out if a washer or dryer is open.

“I think we live in a world where time is everything so if we can condense our time in any way, it is better for us,” said senior Bridget Guarnieri.

“Yes, we want them to have clean laundry, clean lives but we also want them to do the things that are really important,” said Misericordia University President Thomas Botzman.

And if students are more efficient at doing their laundry, university officials say the school saves money.

“We don’t have to put in extra machines, they know when they can go do it and they get it done, so it’s very efficient from a financial standpoint,” Botzman said.

There are a lot of students here, with a lot of clothes and a lot of phones. Now they can all work together to make laundry less of a chore.


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