Potential ID Theft Victims at Local Clinics Seek Help, Get Busy Signals

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NANTICOKE -- It's been two weeks since Community Health Systems announced overseas hackers stole personal information from more than four million people, including many here in our area.

The parent company of Commonwealth Health is contacting potential victims and is trying to steer them towards help.

But many claim that instead of getting that help, they are getting disconnected.

Mike Crawn of Nanticoke didn`t know overseas hackers might have stolen his social security number until he got a letter Tuesday.

It was from the now-closed Wilkes-Barre Clinic, once operated by Commonwealth Health Systems.

This spring, hackers stole personal information from that clinic and several other facilities nationwide owned by Commonwealth`s parent company, Community Health Systems, based in Tennessee.

Crawn called the toll-free number on the letter from the clinic, after seeing it offered free identity theft monitoring.

He got a lot of busy signals, and when he got through to the toll-free number he received this message.

"All lines are busy at this time, please try again later."

"I can`t even get help to find out what information was taken," said Crawn . "If anything happened, I can`t get my id monitoring."

He called 47 times over two days but never got through.

"They knew when they sent these letters out, people were going to be calling the number they provided," he added.

Community Health Systems released this statement through a company spokesperson:

"(Community Health Systems) is aware that the call center has experienced heavy call volume and some technical difficulties.  We (Community Health Systems have) added phone lines and additional service representatives."

Mike Crawn says he should not have to wait.

"Someone got my information that I`ve always protected," Mike added.

Community Health Systems is reminding potential victims, they can don't have to use the phone to get the identity theft protection, they can get sign up on line, or by mail.

We have link to the website here.

Mike Crawn says he has a lot of questions and concerns, and limited online access to get help. And he says he'd be more comfortable going through the process by phone.

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    They don’t have to do anything-it’s healthcare-big business.They can do what they want.healthcare is a big industry.it doesn’t have to answer to anyone,except a politician running for re-election will want to look like they’re concerned-holding a conference about it-acting like as if they care about us poor shmucks.

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