LCTA Executives Ordered To Stand Trial

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ROYALTON — Two Luzerne County Transit Authority executives will stand trial on charges they padded ridership numbers to get more state money.

A district judge in Dauphin County ruled Thursday morning that there is enough evidence to send the case against Stanley Strelish and Robb Henderson to Trial.

All charges against Strelish were sent to trial.

Henderson was also ordered to stand trial for all but three charges against him.

The men are accused of inflating the number of senior riders on Luzerne County buses — so-called ghost riders — bilking the state out of more than $3 million.


  • LOL...The children?

    I wonder if STS does this too… Lol. I always see them hitting the green and red buttons on the bus counter when they are driving….

  • Scran-Tony

    Public busing is just a symptom of the corrupt communism invading this country. All it is doing is shipping criminals and minorities into our communities. If people need to get around town they should just buy a car like everyone else.

  • Garben

    These gentlemen’s intentions were for the good of the community and not malicious. A sizable probation period and community service would be a fair outcome.

    • tom

      Really? Are you related to them-have a good county job they gave you. It,NEPA-people in positions like this don’t do antthing unless they profit from it themselves.More PA corruption.The usual here.

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