Lake-Lehman Runner Dominic Hockenbury

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At the Wednesday afternoon tri-cross country meet with Wyoming Valley West and Tunkhannock, Lake-Lehman junior Dominic Hockenbury showed why he's the one to beat at districts this year by winning easily over his opponents in 16.01.

"I feel a lot stronger going into this season. I did a lot of weightlifting over the summer and we worked on my weaknesses, and I felt a lot better running. What we're those weaknesses? I was always a lanky guy and we worked on my strength at Vive Fitness in Kingston throughout the summer and it really paid off," said Dominic Hockenbury.

Hockenbury off to a hot start this season at the Cliff Robbins Invitational in Dallas last weekend-Dominic shattering the course record set by Rico Galassi in 2012 by 22 seconds running a 15.51 and opening up a lot of eyes across the state.

"I don't think people realize that's a tough course. A lot of turns on it, and it's hilly. It's deceiving hilly, and there are a lot of turns stride breaking turns and to go out and run a 15.51 it opened a lot of eyes definitely. The fact that he got stronger and faster in the off-season helped him to accomplish what he's done, and he's put himself out there with the most elite runner now in the state," said John Sobocinski.

Coach Sobocinski gives credit to former runners Keiren Sutton and Dominic Deluca for pushing his junior star-teammates and competitors at one time over the years.

"It was definitely good motivation and it was a learning experience having Dom there, I know we trained together and we build off of each other throughout the season and during the off-season and it was just a great experience to have someone at that level to run with," again said Dominic.

Besides fishing and wake-boarding, Dominic loves to get on his jet-ski and hopes to ride that wave all the way to a state title.