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Does It Really Work: Solar Charger

Newswatch 16’s Kurt Aaron tests the Solar Charger! The maker claims, this device will capture and store energy from the sun.  Allowing you to charge your hand-held device without using an electric outlet.  Charge it anywhere! Anytime! The maker calls it “a high power solar emergency phone charger with a built-in high-capacity lithium rechargeable battery. “

You can “charge the charger” ot only from the sun, but also through a USB port on your computer.  It also has a built-in flashlight.  The question is, Does It Really Work????

1 Comment

  • agentdanni

    The fact that it won’t charge some devices but will charge others doesn’t surprise me. I have a larger capacity battery (non-solar) that I use with my two smartphones (separate personal and work ones.) The battery has two USB ports, putting out 1 amp and 2 amps. My Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket will charge from either while my Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX will only charge from the 2 amp port.

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