Veterans Honored Decades After Their Service

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HAZLETON -- It's been decades since these men served their country, fighting for their fellow Americans in wars overseas, but it's never too late to be honored for what they did.

"It`s nice to have them. It`d be good for me to pass on to my son."

Vietnam War veteran James Lynch of Hazleton is one of seven vets who were honored in Luzerne County, receiving various war medals from Congressman Lou Barletta in Hazleton. Three of the seven have died, but their families accepted their medals for them.

"We`ve learned about all the wars in the past, and these are some of the heroes that fought in those wars, so not only to honor them, but to honor all the men and women who served the United States of America," said Barletta.

The medals are long overdue. Some of these men served in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. Lynch said at one point he had his medals.

"The medals that I had earned and I had received were lost in a fire, years back," said Lynch.

He said Congressman Barletta made it a point to re-issue them to him, including the coveted bronze star. But Lynch remains humble.

"They signify a lot of hard work, a lot of dedication. I don`t want to say bravery or heroism or anything of that nature," said Lynch.

He said he's most looking forward to passing them on to his children. Whatever he and the other vets plan to do next, they say it's nice to be honored for what they've done already.

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  • tom

    Why does it seem we wait so long for this.Election time?Some politician deciding we should do this once and a while for the commoners?oh-well at least they did it.

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