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Williamsport Mayor Has Plans to Spruce up Ball Park For Next Season

WILLIAMSPORT — The Williamsport Cross Cutters just wrapped up their season at Susquehanna Bank Park at Historic Bowman Field but the city is already looking forward to next season.

The Cross Cutters baseball team just finished their season. T-shirts were taken off the rack, posters were pulled down, and the box office is closed.

“We button up the stadium, kind of put stuff away that were brought out in the spring,” said Gabe Sincropi, the public relations director for the Cross Cutters.

Workers are now on cleanup duty, but they are also planning for next season.

“There are always things to do. There are things to upgrade and repair,” said Sincropi.

Williamsport Mayor Gabe Campana said the city has money set aside to upgrade Bowman Field. The cost would be offset by money that Susquehanna Bank paid for naming rights to the park.

The mayor wants to fix deteriorating cement walkways and replace rusted fences. He also wants an addition to the concourse.

“So you’ll see the bulk of renovations occurring in the off season,” said Mayor Gabe Campana.

Right now there are signs warning fans to watch out for foul balls, but by next year there should be netting above the concourse to better protect people who can’t see the game from behind the stands.

“Yeah, they should keep up with it every year, because if not then who is going to come back?” said Deb Beney from Williamsport.

Some folks in downtown Williamsport said they’re happy to hear about renovations to the park.

“I mean this is a big thing for Williamsport. Everybody comes to watch the Cross Cutters. Everybody waits for the season,” said Beney.

While fans of the Williamsport Cross Cutters wait for next season, the season for renovations gets underway soon.


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