RailRiders Attendance Down from Last Year

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MOOSIC -- The Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders wrapped up their season Monday. The average attendance for the club's 68 home games at PNC field was 5,906.

According to the official website of Minor League Baseball, that ranks 11th out of 14 International League teams.

The average attendance was down 503 fans a game from last year, when the new PNC Field debuted. It's down nearly 3,000 a game from the first season the New York Yankees were made the club's parent team in 2007.

It is still slightly higher than the average attendance during the club's final season as the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Red Barons in 2006, which was 5,534.


  • FRED

    The auro of the new ballpark wore off quickly. I’m not surprised by this at all. I was at the Jeter figurine giveaway on 7/5/14 and in talking to the locals while waiting in line to get in, it seems like they are still angry over two things:

    1. changing the team name from Red Barons to Yankees

    2. Mandalay and Kristen Rose running the team into the ground. I never heard anything good about that woman.

    I can remember attending a game in April 2011 when it rained before the game. I was sitting under cover to stay dry when an usher came over and asked for my ticket. There weren’t 500 people in the place. I told the woman good luck when you’re added to the double digit unemployment stats of Lackawanna County whe NO ONE comes here.

    I also think that average attendance numbers are cooked. I was at a few games in 2014 and they were a ghost town, especially early in the season when it was cold.

    I feel the biggest reason for the Railriders attendance is you simply have a better product one hour south- that of course being the Lehigh Valley Ironpigs. Better ticket prices, better ballpark, better food, and from a personal standpoint, I’ve NEVER had negative interaction with any of the staff there. A little further away are the Reading Fightin Phils, they are the top draw in the Eastern League. BOTH teams also have better give aways than SWB.

    I don’t live near of the above teams; however, I try to get to one or two games a year if I’m in the area. If I did reside in PA, I would buy a ticket plan for the Phillies teams before I would SWB.

    The Phillies minor league teams are doing something right. Lehigh Valley, Reading, and the Lakewood Blueclaws are top draws in their respective leagues. They are obviously doing something right.

  • Duke Snider

    Agree, never should have changed names. Railriders is something you hear in A ball, not AAA. Baseball is just a boring sport to watch and its even worse if not a contender.

  • Solomon Grundy

    I say pack up and move…Its proven nobody really cares about this organization…It was a total waste to sink all of that money into those rennovations for that stadium….5900 people is not really what has attended every game…that is the paid attendance including season ticket holders…I have been there several times and the place was a ghost town…..Nobody barely in the stands…It was a nice try…..Give it up already and stop fooling yourself…Obviously this area could careless about this team.

  • Donald

    I agree they should have kept the name yankees cause one they Made playoffs a few time won a champison. I work there for 5 season i clean up after these games and i know what i see. After not making the playoffs 2 seasons i was got a pitch my idea go back to’ the yankees

  • HaynaDude

    For this market, 5900 fans a game isn’t bad. Unfortunately, the team lost its luster once it dumped the Yankees name in favor of the bland RailRiders, a name that strikes a chord with no one. You still see people wearing an SWB Yankees t-shirt, whereas no one wears a RailRiders shirt. A recent New York Times analysis demonstrated statistically that Northeast PA is primarily Yankees territory as opposed to Phillies, and the ‘t-shirt test’ bears this finding out. It’s time to revert to the most revered name in all of professional sport worldwide (with the possible exception of Manchester United): The Scranton/Wilkes-Barre YANKEES.

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