Journalism Students React To Latest ISIS Video

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BLOOMSBURG -- As the rest of the world is reacting to the apparent beheading of an American journalist, so are people in our area.

Newswatch 16 stopped by Bloomsburg University to speak with journalism students about the situation.

Some students at Bloomsburg University say they may want to work overseas when they graduate. Some of those students say they look at the overseas journalists as heroes and are devastated to learn another one has apparently been killed.

News of a video showing the apparent beheading of another American journalist was especially disturbing to those hoping to become reporters someday.

Journalism students at Bloomsburg University call it a tragedy.

"I saw the face of the guy that got beheaded and it was really unsettling. It looked terrifying. I can't imagine what he was feeling," said junior Nick Cellucci.

"It is upsetting. I do commend all the journalists that do put their lives at risk and go overseas to travel," added senior Frankie Stokes.

Stokes and Cellucci are journalism students in Bloomsburg University's mass communications program. They both say they were shocked to hear reports of Sotloff's beheading.

"They're our voice over there. They're our information. They do a lot for us and it's just, not everyone is built to do it, so the people that do do it are very strong," said Stokes.

The students we spoke with say they have mixed reactions about working overseas about journalists.

"I wouldn't, because world news isn't something I'm particularly interested in covering, but like I said, I commend all those that do," Stokes added.

"He really is a hero for doing the things that he did and being there in that situation, so I look up to him. It's scary, but I wouldn't say it deters me from wanting to go over there," said Cellucci.

According to the video released on Tuesday, ISIS is threatening to kill a British man next.


  • Garben

    Here’s an idea for you journalist ; stay away from countries like these and report from here in the USA you’ll have plenty to report about right here or if you choose to go to these other countries try to keep your head on your shoulders

  • ME2

    This is the world today, so be realistic. Journalists going it alone are to be commended, but they don’t have the same protections as bigger news agencies. Stay out of these countries. You don’t do anyone any service, when you’re dead and don’t give these pigs the satisfaction of killing another American. JMO, but I did study Journalism, about 35 years ago.

  • Fratboy

    Dedication to the profession, inherited by every war correspondent that ever lived. Right down to the police reporter that runs in with SWAT, to the city hall reporter that runs the risk of a council meeting attack, to the street reporter covering a natural disaster. I realize this is hard for you folks, since WNEP gets it’s news from listening to the police and fire scanner and only going to the scene after all danger and newsworthiness is over.

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