SUV, Cycle Involved In Wreck

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KINGSTON TOWNSHIP -- The Labor Day holiday weekend has ended with another serious crash, this one in Luzerne County.

Police in Kingston Township say two people went to the hospital after an SUV and motorcycle collided on Route 309.

A motorcycle was cut in half on Route 309 near Dallas after police say it was involved in a crash with an SUV.

It happened at the entrance of Sheetz, around 4:30 Monday afternoon.

Grace Myers of Bucks County was sitting inside her car at the red light, waiting to turn onto Route 309 from Sheetz and watched as the collision happened before her eyes.

“Just thank God I wasn't out any further because the man on the motorcycle would have come through my windshield. I only have a little scratch on the side of my car,” said Myers. “I don't know how they hit, I can't even tell you how it hit, it was that fast. It was just like that.”

Other drivers waiting at the intersection also saw the crash.

“I saw the guy fly from his motorcycle and got out to help and that was that,” said Devon Crevani of Dallas. “I’m pretty upset about seeing that.”

Officers from several departments responded to the crash, getting the man on the motorcycle into an ambulance and off to the hospital.

Kingston Township Police did not know the extent of his injuries but say he left the scene in serious condition.

Friends of the man driving the SUV told Newswatch 16 he is very upset about the crash.

“He was upset that he hit the guy on the bike because when you hit someone on a bike, most of the time it's fatal,” said friend Octavier Kaufmann of Dallas. “So I hope everyone's okay, that's all I'm worried about. I know he's alright, but the other guy.”

Friends say the driver of the SUV did ask to be taken to the hospital to be checked out.

Traffic moved slowly along Route 309 in Trucksville as part of the highway was shut down while state police and other investigators collected evidence.

“My heart goes out to everyone involved. It's tragic,” said Crevani.

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