Longtime Journalist Dies In Luzerne County

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KINGSTON -- Friends and family are saying goodbye to a longtime journalist who died over the weekend in Luzerne County.

It's a face and a name many people in Luzerne County may remember.

Kevin Jordan's career on the airwaves was launched when he was a teenager during a donkey basketball game.

"He graduated high school in '74, so he was in radio before he graduated high school," his brother Mark Jordan recalled.

Mark and Kathleen Jordan are focused on the fond memories of their brother one day after he died.

From reporting on the radio at WARM and WILK in the 1970s to a transition to television, Kevin Jordan was always working to keep the people of Luzerne County informed.

"After he left television to Voter Services for Luzerne County and he took on a department that had its problems and he brought it back where it had to be," said Kathleen Jordan.

Jordan sat down with Newswatch 16 in 2003, showing us all of the paperwork needed to make sure every vote would count in Luzerne County.

But his siblings say his passion was journalism in his hometown.

"That was his voice and that voice won't be forgotten, I'm sure," Kathleen said.

"He fought a good battle at the end, he really did. But it was his turn," added Mark.

Jordan died after a lengthy battle with lung disease at the age of 57.

Newswatch 16's Andy Palumbo shared some memories of his former coworker and friend.


  • Bill Mecca

    As a former colleague of Kevin’s at WYOU, I wanted to say thank you to the news staff at WNEP for doing a nice piece of my friend and co-worker. Kevin was a true professional, a gentleman, a great reporter and best of all a great human being. He will be missed.

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