Crash Kills Old Forge Boy, 12, Sends Father to Hospital

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OLD FORGE -- A boy who started seventh grade just days ago is dead, and his father was seriously injured in a crash Saturday night on South Keyser Avenue in Old Forge.

Police said Leonard Zupon Jr. died early Sunday morning after the Mustang driven by his father, Leonard Zupon Sr., collided with another vehicle.

Police said the father and son were not wearing seat belts.

Investigators said David Turano of Carbondale was making a left turn into the Diamond Club when the crash happened. Police said Turano ran from the scene and was captured a few blocks away in Taylor.

Turano was taken to the hospital and had blood taken as part of the investigation to determine if he was intoxicated.

The boy, 12, known as Lenny, had started seventh grade just a few days earlier at All Saints Academy in Scranton where his mother, Mary Jane Zupon, worked as a secretary. She also spent more than a decade working at Newswatch 16, where she made many friends.

A classmate remembered Lenny as a friend with a sparkling sense of humor and a love of pizza.

"He was friends with everybody and it's not going to be the same without him. I know that," Joseph Hazzouri said.

The pastor of St. Patrick's Church remembered the boy as an altar server who often looked like he had just got out of bed, but was always dependable.

"I just found out a little while ago. I am just heartbroken for the whole family. He was one of my buddies as a server, so we are really going to miss him," said Fr. Martin Boylan.

No charges have been filed in the case. Police said they are waiting for the results of Turano's blood test, which are expected to take about a week.

The area of South Keyser Avenue in Old Forge where the crash happened will be closed to traffic from 7:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. Tuesday as police reconstruct the crash.


  • Mother of fellow student

    I know this family. The father was taking his child for ice cream. Yes it would have been better that they wore their seat belts but I saw the car and there is a good chance the child would not have survived anyway. There is not much left. Also if the two victims are dying stating to take blood my first thought as an EMT would be to try and save the person’s life and give them what is needed. You normally do not run. He must not have been that seriously hurt if he was treated and released and not held. Most times anyone with a head injury is held for observation at least overnight. I know as I have had head injuries from car accidents. Also the speed the SUV had to be going to make that turn spun the cars around in opposite directions. Bebe do not speak of what you do not know stating that it is the father’s fault the child died. A 12 year old child has been killed by someone who was reckless. If you are related or know the driver of the SUV then I feel sorry for you.

  • bebe

    I wasn’t referring any disrespect to the ems or police. I was just saying on calls it might not be called in by who ever called 911 till 10 to 25 mins. Depending on where it happened .farm road highway late at night etc. And either way I believe all drivers in any accident should be tested and seat belts in forced. Sorry can’t find a edit button that add the 10 to 25 . and from I’m asking fair questions. While everyone sounds like a lot of, belong in Missouri . God Bless A Parties involved .And let the authorities do what they have to! Oh sorry if I insult anyone!

  • colliebear

    When you’re turning into that club you have to make sure there is no one coming, you can’t really see, the cars come out of no where. You have to turn in there pretty slow too because it’s a steep hill. I really don’t believe it was the SUV’s fault, however, if he had a few beers or driving when he wasn’t supposed to be SUV is screwed either way. No matter what, the whole thing is sad for everyone involved. Their lives are forever changed.

  • Maria McKenna

    BEBE, stop talking. you’re making the rest of our EMS community look like a-holes. No one should be judging anything until facts other than what the news outlets dig from under the rocks is released. Stories and facts are often not quite the same. Let the investigation move forward and we will find out why this child died soon enough. It won’t bring him back to keep arguing who was at fault.

  • Mark

    Hey Bebe, it’s pretty apparent that the guy who fled on foot was at fault in this accident, namely he failed to yield the right-of-way. It’s irrelevant that the people in the Mustang were not wearing seat belts although it is tragic they weren’t. Lastly I’ll wait to reserve judgement on the man who fled the scene once the blood test comes back. Also as an employee in law enforcement I have found it to be a very rare occurrence for people to wander away from a crash scene, but I have found it very common that a person who flees a crash to either be Dui or to be driving without a valid license.

    • Saddened Relative

      The father was taking his son for ice cream…..No one was showing off it just seems that someone couldn’t wait long enough to get to the strip club. Justice will prevail and the guy trying to hide his guilt by running away will have to live his life knowing he killed an innocent 12 year old boy. God bless you Lenny…..


    He fled the accident closed. You only leave the scene if you have something to hide. If Taylor P.D. didn’t find him he probably would of made it home and tried to report his car stolen the next day. The Police wouldn’t of taken for a blood test unless there was reason to believe that he was under the influence of either drugs or alcohol.

    • Mike

      No case not closed First you have to find out if he was under the influnce, how bad and take it from there. Did you read someones comments that some people after accidents may have suffered a head injury which might results in them to act irrational? And I am pretty sure anyone involved in accident where there is a death, must be blood tested.

      • NEPA4LIFE

        In Pennsylvania the only persons who are required by law to go for a blood test if they’re involved in an auto accident are commercial vehicle drivers. Other than that if your involved in an accident and your taken for a blood test, it is because the police have probable cause to take you for suspicion of DUI.

  • Stefan

    Bebe it sounds like you are either related to the driver of the SUV or have done this yourself! Let the police do there job and let Lenny rest in peace. I know the family and what you are saying holds no truth they where going for ice cream and yes he should have had his seatbelt on but where you not a kid once and forget to put your seat belt on? No one is perfect ! Rip Lenny you will be greatly missed!

  • Bill

    A 12 year old boy is dead, one way or another, this man is responsible because he made a left hand turn into on coming traffic! If he is DUI, I personally hope they fry him! All to get to the strip club. So sad. RIP little man.

  • Kim

    Usually when blood tests are done during an investigation the police already suspect alcohol / drugs to be involved. Not everyone in an accident is blood tested


    So the above comment can state that the people who say the dude was drunk have no proof of that until blood tests, yet the person stating the above can make an idiotic comment about the path and an even more idiotic statement of “i guarantee they will find something.”… So let me ask you this. Why does your crystal ball hold more weight in stating “The driver of the SUV is guilty of something”… then the more likely cause being drunk driving… wise up…

    • Mike

      My Crystal Ball is saying reserve comment until all the facts are in. Until then its fair to speculate
      without bashing of others.

  • insert name here

    People keep saying the driver of the suv was drunk. id love to know how you guys know this when the blood tests aren’t even back yet.

    He left the scene of the accident yes, but that doesn’t mean he was drunk, it means he was hiding something, drugs, weapons, ect. i think the police should search the path from the accident scene to where they picked him up. i guarantee they will find something.

    The driver of the SUV is guilty of something.

    • Archer

      So what you’re saying is he is a loser one way or the other..even if it’s just a matter of leaving the scene of the accident. Dope. They would still likely track a person down by the plates alone so what’s the point of running off? Nice he walked away and a boy is dead.

      • bebe

        Was anyone there? No. First responders werent thete either for st lrast 25 minutesAt many accidents ,victims are found wandering dazed and confussed. Not from buzz,drugs ,prescriptions.

      • bebe

        First responders find car accidents victims wander away from scene all the time. And most of the time it is do to ,shock head trama etc dazed and confused. The time lapse between first responders police locate victims wandering could be a long time by the time they figured out how many were in involved. He wasn’t running away way from anyone. That’s the police saying that. Because he wasn’t in his crushed vehicle?.seen it many times

      • innocent bystander

        BEBE, i was there well before 25 mins after the accident i’m not and emt i live 3 blocks away. the emt workers were there minutes after the accident.

    • Mike

      Sure llkes like the guy was guilty of something. But other questions should be answered, like was the Mustang speeding,and was he drinking. Bad judgement was also already shown buy the driver for not making his son wear seatbelts and also himself not wearing seatbelts.

      • bebe

        Was there blood test done on driver of mustang? And not after I.v. started in ems unit or hospital. ? For substances in his blood? And besides it takes a good speed to flip a SUV. And just someone else gets injured or dies from no seat belts its not the other drivers fault his injuries are less because he was wearing his seat belt.

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