Boy Killed, Father Hurt in Old Forge Crash

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OLD FORGE — A 12-year-old boy is dead and his father is in critical condition following a crash late Saturday in Old Forge.

Police have identified the victims as Leonard Zupon Jr. and his father Leonard Zupon Sr. Both are from Old Forge.

Their car and an SUV crashed on South Keyser Avenue just after 8:30 p.m. Saturday, according to the Old Forge police chief.

The driver of the other vehicle, David Turano of Carbondale, was treated and released. Police also took blood samples from Turano as part of the investigation.

Police said Turano ran off after the wreck. Taylor Police tracked him down about 15 minutes later. Officers said he may have been driving under the influence.

Zupon passed away Sunday morning from his injuries, according to police. He just started seventh grade this week at All Saints Academy.

Neither victim was wearing a seat belt, said police.

No charges have been filed at this time and the investigation into the deadly wreck continues.



  • jim

    It blows my mind how fast people sentence someone with out knowing the truth .just so it clear dave was delivering food there as he runs the kitchen .he had to run for hogie rolls.and far as the running goes he didnt resist the police when they found him standing on the street .he dident even know he crashed .this is a terrible terrible thing and dave is crushed .i pray for everyone.

  • toomany

    People who kill someone while driving under the influence should be charged with premeditated murder. Not manslaughter. Not vehicular homicide. First degree murder. You know full well that getting behind the wheel of a vehicle could likely result in an accident where a life is taken. By doing so anyway, you are showing much more than negligence toward life. Doesn’t matter if you don’t know who it is you wind up killing, the act and knowledge if potential outcome should be reason enough to make that charge. And perhaps a stronger deterrent.

    • Archer

      the messed up thing about this is, even tho the driver who walked away is suspected of DUI, the dirt-bag defense attorney will use the fact the father and his son wasn’t wearing seat-belts as an argument for his client even tho this 12 year old boy is gone probably even shifting the blame to the boy’s father. Disgusting!

  • Archer

    How heartbreaking, so sorry for this loss of a young life! Didn’t have to be! If Mr. Turano was DUI indeed; he should have to answer to the fullest extent of the law and then some! When someone is discovered to have DUI and loss of life is involved their license should be taken for life for starters! My sympathies with the Zupon family.

    • bebe

      No one was there. Don’t know if speed was involve. But no seat belts and the speed limit there would cause serious injury or death on how hard u hit something and what u hit.

  • Jen

    What is with Boston…er…Scranton? Drivers are so aggressive and bullying, and the larger the vehicle, it seems the more the drivers act like bullies. Not to mention how many cops sail through red lights and stop signs.

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