Final Farewell for Western Wayne Bus Driver

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PARADISE TOWNSHIP - People in Wayne County paid their respects today to a long-time school bus driver who was killed in an atv crash earlier this week. The tribute included the school bus he used to drive.

It's a story we told you about earlier this week on Newswatch 16 - A western Wayne School District bus driver who died in an atv crash. Now those who rode Richard Wyckoff's number 6 bus paid their respects in a very fitting way.

The number 6 bus from Western Wayne School District rolled to a stop here near Mount Pocono, filled with many wanting to say goodbye to the bus' long time-driver Richard Wyckoff of Newfoundland.

"He was a lot more than a bus driver, it`s like when we first got on the bus we thought he was just on one of his vacations, but he`s not coming back," said Senior Joseph Wass.

Wyckoff has buckled up in this driver seat for more than 10 years. The man from Newfoundland died this week in an atv crash. His students and co-workers hardly can believe the news.

They drove to Wyckoff's viewing in the same bus they shared with him for years.

"We sat in the same seats as we would sit in during the normal school year and we talked about memories," said Wass.

Michael Wass rode this bus for years and wrote a speech in Wyckoff's honor.

"On occasion I would ride the bus longer and get off the second time around just to have an extended conversation with Richard.  These conversations meant a lot to me," said sophomore Michael Wass.

Others recalled conversations they'll always cherish.

"We both played softball, he`d always talk about it with me and I would come on the bus with a new softball injury and he would be like, 'What did softball do now?' we would always have really good times," said freshman Katelin Dennis.

Katelin Dennis says she rode in Wycoff's bus since the 6th grade and brought a momento with her as she says goodbye.

"Actually I have the lollypop, the flavor that he gave me the last day of school and he told me that I was his girl," said Dennis.

Co-workers also handed the driver's badge over and this model bus that was mounted to the dashboard.

Saying goodbye to a man who meant so much to the Western Wayne community.

"Very much so, we`re very sorry, we`re all very upset that Richey won`t be with us and continuing his service with the school district," said Kurt Caruth of Caruth Bus Lines.

Wyckoff was 69-years old. His family today told us they were extremely thankful for all the kind words from the community as they mourn this loss.