Dodge Viper Wrecked, Passenger in Critical Condition

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DICKSON CITY -- The passenger of an expensive car is in critical condition after a crash in Lackawanna County.

Officers in Dickson City said the driver of a Dodge Viper swerved into oncoming traffic on the Scranton Carbondale Highway on Thursday.

A passenger in the Viper was badly hurt. Officers said the driver suffered minor injuries.  The car appeared to be totaled.

Two people in the other vehicles were also hurt.


  • Marine

    Do you think we wil ever here, the driver of a hard working man was injured after his cheap used car crashed..

  • Scran-Tony

    Just spray off the grease stain from the road, I doubt anyone will care what happens to any of them.

  • Dominic

    The car that you can now buy used for less than 30,000.00 appears to be a total loss based on the fact that it is in several pieces split between 4 lanes of traffic.

    • Bob

      Probably not even worth that.. Many were wrecked because they did not handle worth a s..t. Sure they went fast.. in a straight line, on a level road.

  • Leonard Goldstein

    This news correspondence is brought to you by: Dodge, grab life by the steering-wheel before you go through the windshield.

    • George v

      @Fatboy… He sure did… IN ONE OF THE THREE….again… ONE OF the three sentences he typed. One out of three AIN’T bad…ay fatboy? As for me using commas… point out where in my comment they should go. Another idiot running amuck in the comment section.

  • Casey

    The driver is in the hospital fighting for his life and the main focus seems to be on how much his car was worth. Really? I’m just saying…..

  • George V

    @ Scott… bahahahaha…. really man? Maybe, just maybe there needs to be an investigation into what happened… before the police give the news outlets all the info on who/why/what/where and when.
    Maybe worry more about starting a sentence with a capital letter… just saying.

  • scott

    I guess we are never going to know what the cause of the accident is?
    why did the driver swerve into oncoming traffic?
    great news story thank you!

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