Thief Caught on Camera Stealing TV’s from Walmart

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TAYLOR -- Police in Lackawanna County need your help to find a television thief.

Authorities said the man has stolen several TV's from Walmart in Taylor, hitting the place at least four times since July.  Officers said the man removes the security device from the 48" to 60" television takes it out of the store.

Authorities say the TV's are worth about $3,000.

If you know this man, call police in Lackawanna County.


  • Doug

    Wal-Mart doesn’t have the guts to confront these actors, so they make it the taxpayer and public’s responsibility to identify, locate, and apprehend the individuals responsible. All because they can’t be bothered to say anything to them at the time. Duh.

  • Dean John Wychulis

    My question is, where are the store security teams? Is anyone watching the security monitors when these thefts are taking place. How many times do you see on the news that thieves are walking out of WalMart stores with big ticket items. You would think they would increase their security teams. I just don’t get it.

  • K

    Wal-Mart’s excuse for keeping their cashiers at minimum wage? Shrinkage. These guys all look alike too NEPA knuckle-draggers with baseball caps and scruffy faces.

    • K

      No you ignorant moron, but he might just look like you. And it would be great if WNEP’s moderators could keep imbeciles like you from using other people’s usernames.

  • Gary

    If you go to Walmart and buy an ink cartridge for your printer ($15) it’s locked in a plastic case which the checker must open with a key from the manager before you can purchase it. If you buy replacement blades for your Norelco shaver ($24) the same story. Yet a flat screen TV….walk right out the door! How many times has this happened at Walmart? It screams : “Inside Job” to anyone with half a brain.

  • JP

    I thought there was someone that checked the receipts, maybe it is only being done at certain stores still. Then again maybe the person checking the receipts already knows who this individual is. For those that remember Sugerman’s it happened quite often, probably why they went out of business.

  • lou

    Years ago didn’t they have “store greeters” that checked your receipt? You would think after the first time something would have been in place….

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