Police: Woman Threw Baby Against Wall

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POTTSVILLE -- A woman from Pottsville is in jail after police say she physically abused her own baby by throwing him against a wall.

At last check, that 2-month-old boy was in critical condition at Lehigh Valley Hospital near Allentown.

Police say medical tests shows that the baby has skull fractures, a blood clot, and several bruises.

Police say it all happened when the teenage mother said she became frustrated with her son.

Larisa Zimmerman, 18, of Pottsville is locked up charged with aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of a child. She's is accused of abusing her 2-month-old son early Tuesday morning inside her apartment in Pottsville.

"I hope she gets what she deserves, you know? She shouldn't have done what she did. She should have asked for help," said Pottsville resident Melissa Williams.

According to a report by the Pottsville police, Zimmeran was in her apartment when she says she became frustrated. She admitted to police that she threw her 2-month-old baby against a wall.

"That's just wrong. If she was so frustrated why don't you just go walk away?"

That police report also states that when Zimmerman threw the infant, he hit his head and fell to the floor.

She told police the baby became limp and made strange noises.

"He was innocent. He couldn't fight back."

People who live at the Market Square apartments in Pottsville say they're disgusted.

"Don't hit somebody that can't hit back. Or don't hit nobody, actually," said Francis Gessner.

"He needs to be in a better place with someone who can take care of him."

"No, it's not an excuse. People just don't take the time to stop and think. That's what it seems like," said John Gentile.

Larisa Zimmerman was taken to the Schuylkill County prison, unable to post $50,000 bail.

Zimmerman is scheduled to be back in court on September 2.


  • tom

    Let’s say we can’t take it anymore and slam this dumb broad against a wall.She should have thought about this while she was making an idiot of herself speading her legs for some dumb boy.


    Ignorance at its best. Your sick of hearing it stop listening, better yet listen carefully you may learn something. We are not robots and things happen that are out of our control. Y not blame society because it is easier to blame things we do not understand. It is not fair what happen to this 2 month old and there is no excuse nor explanation but blaming God or even saying a comment as naïve as this is ignorant. I get freedom of speech of maybe just maybe if people started believing, things might be shed from a different light. It makes no sense to hate something you know nothing of. Just food for thought.


    And the sweet women I know who have longed or tried for kids and unable to have them, then this THING gets one and throws the baby against the wall – —- NOT FAIR !!!!! Please Pray for the child, and that it finds a loving mother !

  • Emily Hidalgo

    I’m sorry everyone I know you are all mad I should be too you all have a right to call me names you’re right I was trying to make this about me I wasn’t trying too, I was trying to stick up for my friend I guess that I was wrong to stick up for her. My mom was crying when she found out I wanted to cry too I guess my opinion is wrong, no matter what I say it isn’t going to change your minds what you think of her I’m sorry for bothering you guys I’m just upset :(

  • toomany

    Is this her mugshot photo from this arrest? With a big grin on her ugly face? I hope she gets tossed against the wall so many times while she’s locked up she doesn’t remember her own name. Useless piece of human garbage. Prayers for that innocent little Angel. God be with him.

  • karen

    Emily who…really!!!you don’t like people calling your friend a monster!!!you and your monster friend both need a crack upside your heads…there is no excuse for this…so sorry your not up at 6 am..sounds like you have no reason to be!!!hope she rots in jail..and Emily find new friends and grow a brain!!!

  • kathy

    I wish everyone would just wait till all the information is out. I pray this girl somehow gets a good defense lawyer that looks into her situation with doctors etc. With God’s blessings this baby will recover & the girl get any help she needs.

    • Samantha

      With god’s blessing Kathy hopefully she will spend most of her reproductive life behind bars and never reproduce again!! With god’s blessing the baby boy will recover 100% and be placed in a loving and safe home with a family ready to parent a child.

    • toomany

      The baby needs the prayers. The “mother” needs to never see the light of day again and be slammed against the wall every day she’s locked up. What other possible information would u need to come out that would change the fact that this piece if garbage threw her child against a wall, causing him to be in critical condition and at best probably have irreversible damage, IF he even lives. Sorry, I consider myself a Christian and believe people should be shown mercy but, mercy is given where mercy is shown. She showed absolutely no mercy toward her own flesh and blood because she became frustrated the baby was crying. Crying baby, imagine that?

  • Lindsey

    Don’t understand why we have to pay to feed and house dirtbags like this in prison. The sooner she rots in hell, the better off our community and our world will be.

  • Emily Hidalgo

    Larisa is my best friend what she did was wrong I told her before she wasn’t ready to take care of a baby she told me she made a mistake. Before she had her baby she was the nicest person I ever met we would walk home together after school we would text each other often we talked about our problems, she’s on my human haven’t all of you made mistakes in the past ? I know I have.

    • roxann

      I’m sorry this Lady had no rite to throw a child against a wall! I have two babies I had my son at 15 and he’s a healthy four yr old no way should a child be harmed cause you can not handle emotions or choose the correct actions to take !

    • Angela

      Wrong?? That’s attempted homicide my dear, and it’s definitely not an accident. She’s lucky they haven’t charged her with that, YET. Especially since there are old fractures to that sweet little angels skull. I know she’s only 18 but come on. She could’ve easily killed that baby and that’s disgusting.

    • Eponine

      What she did was a crime, not a mistake. A mistake is marking the wrong answer on a test or bumping into someone because you didn’t see them. Intentionally injuring a helpless child goes WAY beyond a “mistake”.

    • Asia Brown-Rawls

      I understand this is your best friend but this was no mistake this was a choice and she shouldn’t be allowed to touch her child again frustrated or not you dont see people throwing others around because they are frustrated thats life and its no excuse….praying for this little baby boy

    • ParentsUnderSiege

      I am sorry, but this is not considered a simple mistake. This is clearly disregard for another human being. Frustrated or not, there are so many other ways to deal with it. I am sorry this has happened, and I pray that the baby recovers well.

    • Tasha Sayah

      If you re her best friend where were you? Your the best your no friend or would have kept that baby safe been there to help your friend! there absolutely no excuse for throwin a defensless infant against the wall thats not mistake thats purely something evil in her head. She should be given an ultimative either she goes to jail the rest of her life or have her female organs removed!! She never be aloud to procreate again! She is not fit or right in the head! My cousin has twins at 16 and she s great mom and never jepordized there lives! You ask for help and there is hotlines as well as facilities. Theres no excuse in the world for what she did!

      • Emily Hidalgo

        Why are you blaming this on me ? I had no idea this was happening I’m not up at 6am in the morning like most people are. I just learned about this like you all did don’t blame me for something I didn’t do

    • Callisto

      I can’t believe you would call this a mistake. A mistake is when you get caught stealing a piece of candy. Evidently, you don’t know how serious this is. Hopefully, the baby survives with no mental or physical problems for the rest of his life.

      • Emily Hidalgo

        Well you weren’t the one who was talking to her that day, I can’t believe my friend would do this to her baby Spencer was really cute she seemed happy when she found out it was a boy people change that’s all I have to say if you want to my comment a thumbs down go ahead if someone you know did that to their baby would you want people call your friend a monster ? None of you understand how I feel right now

      • Archer

        How you feel? How about how that baby feels? I cannot imagine the terror infants and children must feel at the hands of their abusers. It makes my stomach sick. and IF my friends ever did this, yes, I would call them a monster. Maybe when you’re that young you don’t have enough hindsight, but would you or any of your friends throw a kitten against the wall? A puppy? One another? No one is trying to bully you. Bullies lash out at others for reasons they can’t cope with themselves, the response you are getting is because your friend is expected to be held accountable for her actions.

    • Archer

      It is very noble to stick up for your friend, but this is a heinous crime she committed, and people get very angry at child abuse. It’s called consequences. Maybe a mistake is when someone hits their child too hard when they’re angry, or curses at them when they’re frustrated. Slamming a two month old against a wall goes beyond a mere mistake!

    • joymarie

      a mistake is one thing but throwing a baby is another she could of walked into any er n dropped her baby off no questions asked uf she felt she made a mistake she could walked out or asked a neighbor place take my baby for a few i cant deal so this is not a opps i threw my baby against the wall mistake

  • Jennifer

    I was 18 when I had my son and I never even thought about throwing him or harming him in any way. No one should do that to a child. Sure I got frustated at times but I asked for help and not once did I hurt my child he is now 9. I also have a 8 year old as well which she is more frustrating then him but never would I hurt my child she should be thrown against a wall until she gets a skull fracture and blood clot.

  • Angela

    I think justice will be served while she’s sitting up on that hill. Inmates don’t take too kindly to child abusers, especially something like this. I doubt she’ll see her court date.

  • K R F

    If and when this goes to court she should get the max sentence. No bargins no favors. Max in prison. That poor baby.I hope she will be ok.

  • -

    Age has nothing to do with this woman abusing her child. There are many parent (S) who are well of age 30’s or even older that have done just as bad, if not worse to their children! Do not make age a factor or excuse in this because it is not. This woman is sick and furthermore people should be more focused on if this child is okay. Who cares what happens to this lady as long as she ROTS and never gets to see her baby again!

  • V-l-R

    People like this shouldn’t be alowed to have any more childern. When someone does this is should be a law that they are to immediately go and have themselves fixed or have their reproductive organs removed. That baby did nothing to nobody and does not deserve to be treated that way. No child does. This girl should have the same thing done to her because she is annoying me.

  • Mallory

    I hope with all of my heart that this precious baby boy is alright. I am in NO WAY, shape or form making excuses for what this woman did…but this is a prime example of why it is so important to know when you need a a break as a Mom or when to ask for help. It is very stressful when your baby is crying and nothing seems to be calmig them down. Laying the baby in their swing or crib and walking away and closing the door until you calm down and don’t feel stressed anymore is far better than ending up doing something like this. Again, I am NOT excusing this, just saying it is important to have a plan in place for when you feel overwhelmed as a young, first-time Mom. Praying for this family!

  • Jewell

    This is horrible. The girl is only 18 and obviously could not take on the trials and tribulations of motherhood. The baby being 2 months old leads me to believe she may be dealing with hormonal issues and may have lost it. Remember she probably doesn’t have much of a support system. I hope the little one is ok. My prayers are with them.

    • Marie

      My daughter was 16 when she had her first baby, 18 her second and 21 her last. She had PPD and anxiety issues and never once did she lay a hand on any of them! No excuses! If she wasn’t feeling well and knew something was ‘right’ she should’ve seen a doctor!

    • Samantha

      Please… Jewell. She’s not a girl. She is an 18 year-old woman. My sister was a mother a 19 years-old and never slammed my nephew off a wall.
      As for her lack of support systems: If she didn’t have the proper support either emotional, physically or financial, she should have given the baby up for adoption! I highly doubt financially she could even support him. We the tax payers are paying for him and probably her as well.
      If she wasn’t ready for a baby she should have taken birth control. Hey, access pays for the Mirena implant for FREE!! Maybe she should used her brains more!
      My prayers are with the baby. No for that waste of space human incubator .

  • Shannon

    It doesn’t matter where you came from, anyone knows that you should not throw a baby against a wall. She does not deserve to have excuses made for her.

    • Archer

      It gets even better, on wnep FB there’s argument from some for post-partum depression. Every little mental illness gives someone a license to abuse, kill, maim, and kill.

  • Robert Bauersmith

    There is s special place in hell for someone like her, hope she gets there soon. The court needs to take the child away and allow someone that wants a baby to adopt him, she should never see him again

  • greenbayfan

    What is wrong with people these days that they think they can throw their 2 month old against a wall.Does anyone else see how screwed up that is.She should rot in jail.Take the poor baby and give it to a family that will actually love it.There are plenty of people who would give anything to have a child.What she did is beyond digusting and horrible.

  • jennifer

    prime example of why kids shouldn’t be having kids…. however I have to scratch my head and wonder because there were times when women got married at 15 and 16 and had childrenand they were saying enough not to throw their kids against the wall

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