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Police: Woman Threw Baby Against Wall

POTTSVILLE — A woman from Pottsville is in jail after police say she physically abused her own baby by throwing him against a wall.

At last check, that 2-month-old boy was in critical condition at Lehigh Valley Hospital near Allentown.

Police say medical tests shows that the baby has skull fractures, a blood clot, and several bruises.

Police say it all happened when the teenage mother said she became frustrated with her son.

Larisa Zimmerman, 18, of Pottsville is locked up charged with aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of a child. She’s is accused of abusing her 2-month-old son early Tuesday morning inside her apartment in Pottsville.

“I hope she gets what she deserves, you know? She shouldn’t have done what she did. She should have asked for help,” said Pottsville resident Melissa Williams.

According to a report by the Pottsville police, Zimmeran was in her apartment when she says she became frustrated. She admitted to police that she threw her 2-month-old baby against a wall.

“That’s just wrong. If she was so frustrated why don’t you just go walk away?”

That police report also states that when Zimmerman threw the infant, he hit his head and fell to the floor.

She told police the baby became limp and made strange noises.

“He was innocent. He couldn’t fight back.”

People who live at the Market Square apartments in Pottsville say they’re disgusted.

“Don’t hit somebody that can’t hit back. Or don’t hit nobody, actually,” said Francis Gessner.

“He needs to be in a better place with someone who can take care of him.”

“No, it’s not an excuse. People just don’t take the time to stop and think. That’s what it seems like,” said John Gentile.

Larisa Zimmerman was taken to the Schuylkill County prison, unable to post $50,000 bail.

Zimmerman is scheduled to be back in court on September 2.


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