Part-time Officer Hit With Assault Charges

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SCRANTON — A part-time sheriff’s deputy in Lackawanna County was charged this week with assault and burglary.

Court papers show that Crystal Matos of Moscow, who is also a part time officer in Old Forge, broke into her ex-boyfriend’s house in Scranton Saturday night and assaulted his current girlfriend while they were both sleeping.

Matos is free on bail and has been suspended from the Old Forge police department.

There is no word on her status with the county.


  • Kevin Froese

    Those that don’t know her should keep their comments to themselves until they know the entire story..

    I know her.. She’s a very good person and officer.. There’s always two sides to every story and the truth will be heard by us all in due time.. She deserves the benefit of the doubt..

  • Joe

    She didn’t have to break into a house, I’d let her right in the front door and bang her all night; she’s hot.

  • Truth_In_Words

    Many of these local government and courthouse related jobs are filled by family members and close friends of elected officials. If your an outsider or don’t know anybody important on the inside forget even applying. Instead of getting the best people for the jobs we get the mediocre. Nepotism at its best in your local and county governments.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Hahaha. What a freakshow world we live in. If it’s not the straight up criminals commiting crimes, ITS THE COPS THEMSELVES!!!

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