New Building Project at Wilkes Nears Completion

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WILKES-BARRE -- A new school year at Wilkes University also means new buildings and classrooms on campus.

A $4.5 million renovation project announced in March is almost finished at the college.

The classes are the same but their location a little different as students and faculty from Wilkes University's business school get settled into a new space.

"I love the ability to reach out and literally touch the students and be that much closer with them and engage," said Sidhu School associate dean Justin Matus.

Wilkes announced in March a $4.5 million project that would turn the building into a designated space for the Sidhu Business School, named for a Wilkes graduate.

The former Bartikowsky's building next door would be used for students services.

A few touch-ups are left to go and the work will be complete.

Accounting Professor Dr. Mariann Rexer loves her new office.

"It's nice to have new space. And it's nice to be able to set the space up and design it to make it accessible, so yeah, I was very excited."

Also new to the Sidhu School are innovation rooms with conference tables, white boards, and TVs for students to work on group projects 24/7.

"They always want us to work in groups because that's what we're going to do when we grow up," said sophomore Johnny Jan.

Students and faculty agree the new space is not only nice looking but also more conducive to learning.

"It definitely helps when all of your classes are in one building, and you don't have to worry about going to different buildings, place to place," said senior Michael Lewis.

"Now I know all my business classes will be here, which is really convenient for me," Jan added.

Renovations continue at the business school but are expected to be done soon.