Board Member Sentenced For DUI

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HONESDALE — A Western Wayne school board member will spend some time in jail for driving under the influence.

Andrew Gaudenzi of Waymart was sentenced Thursday for a crash back in January along Gravity Plains Road in Waymart.

He pleaded guilty last month and was sentenced today to 30 days to six months in jail.


  • Me

    Nice. And these are the people in charge of our children when they goto school. Public schools are going to be a thing of the past. Home schooled on the internet is where this is heading. Do I get to punch this dirtbag if he harms someone’s child because he had a headache the morning after ????

    All of these dopes should be ashamed of themselves and he should be fired immediately if found guilty.
    Someone like this should not be a board member of any kind. Anywhere.

    What a drunken loser

    • Wisingforabetterworld

      Believe me, the others members of the board wanted him out, but they cannot kick him out. The only time they can force him out is if he commits a felony. Although this is his SECOND offense it is not a felony so he can stay. Yes, it is a sick and corrupted world that we live in. The board members are suppose to be role models for children, but instead they teach kids it’s okay to do what you want the consequences aren’t bad. Let’s be honest, he won’t serve the time he is suppose to. I guarantee he will be out within the 30 days on “good behavior.”

  • Warløck

    One down.

    Now what about the school board director in Scranton who stole a car, drove under the influence without a license, totaled the vehicle, and missed his first few board meetings of the year because he fled to rehab? Let’s wrap that up.

    (Robert Casey, I’m talking about YOU.)

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