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The End of an Era for Pocono Resorts

BARRETT TOWNSHIP — A resort in the Poconos is changing hands, and it means a whole new future for the property near Canadensis.

The Daniels Top-O-The-Poconos resort near Canadensis was one of the only remaining old, family-style resorts still in operation in the Poconos.

But now, some are calling it the end of an era as the resort changes hands.

This old-fashioned resort near Canadensis, once filled with families vacationing, looks like a ghost town.

Daniels Top-O-The-Poconos Family Resort has been sold after three generations of family ownership.

It was picked up by Hasidic Jews from Brooklyn, New York for $1.3 million.

Lyman Parks lives just up the road from the resort’s cottages and says he liked the former owners. Now he’s anxious to meet the new ones

“We don’t have block parties and things like that, so you don’t get that close, but you want people that are friendly and helpful and I hope they will be,” said Parks.

The agent who helped sell the property says the buyers plan to operate this as a private campground in about two weeks.

Gregg Callaghan’s home sits right across from the resort’s entrance. He’s not sure how new ownership will pan out for this ‘last-of-its-kind’ Pocono vacation haven.

“If the property is going downhill and they can rehabilitate it, fine. It really depends on what they do with the property,” said Callaghan.

The owners left a final farewell message for the community on the sign of the resort, and people who live and work nearby say they’re going to miss them, too.

“It’s bittersweet for the whole community because there’s not too many resorts left,” said Crossroads Deli manager Rod Elliott.

Elliott says the Daniels family had one last hurrah this past weekend before handing over the keys to the new owners.

They’ll take over 40 acres of property, that include lodging, banquet halls, indoor and outdoor pools and tennis courts – just for starters.

The former owners say the property had increasing costs and not enough income, ending an era in the Poconos.

“Things move on. I’m sure the next people that own it will take care of it, make it better maybe, hopefully,” said Elliott.

The real estate agent who helped with the sale says the new owners plan to have the Jewish campground up and running within the next two weeks.

It is expected to operate year round.


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