Search Crews Find Missing Woman

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HALLSTEAD -- Dozens of volunteers gathered Wednesday morning at the Hallstead Fire House to search for 76-year-old Shelby Colwell.

"It was a multi-agency effort from across the county and into New York state, along with several civilian volunteers," said Cpl. Jeffery Burman with the state police.

Just a few hours later, those search crews came back with good news.

"We located her by a river search boat and she was located around the railroad tracks in a field area," said Burman.

Police said Colwell left from her apartment on Lackawanna Avenue in Hallstead on Tuesday afternoon, 16 hours later and a large search effort, she was back in the building.

"They're very happy and they're going to make sure she's taken care of from now on," said Burman.

Colwell was found about two miles away from her home in Hallstead, near the New York state line.

Her family and friends were worried about the 76-year-old who suffers from dementia and uses a cane to walk.

Douglas Evans said he felt awful for the Colwell family.

"My wife has dementia and this is one of the days that I feared would happen to me," said Evans.

Colwell's friends weren't surprised by how many people showed up to help, since the woman is well-known in the area.

"Shelby is a very nice person, very well respected. She was an awesome hospice nurse for years, took care of a lot of people in this area," said Evans.

State police said Colwell is back home and in good health. Throughout the whole ordeal, police said she only lost a sneaker.