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People React To Tragedy At Arizona Gun Range

The shocking and tragic news out of Arizona is making headlines days after a nine-year-old girl accidentally shot and killed a gun instructor at a gun range on Monday.

The instructor was teaching the girl to shoot an Uzi submachine gun and she lost control of the firearm when it recoiled, causing the bullets to hit the 39-year-old man.

At the Wyoming County Fair, Henry Rahm is a member of the Wyoming County`s Federation of Sportmen’s Clubs and knew all about the sad event.

“Being a sportsman, it rips your heart out because the first thing we try to teach our youngsters and our adults that are new to this sport is that safety is always the first priority,” said Rahm.

Over at a muzzleloader rifle booth, people said nine years old is just too young to handle a firearm as powerful as an Uzi.

“That should never have happened at all. Nine year old with a fully automatic weapon, not capable,” said Robin Robinson. “Some grown men are not capable. That should have not happened.”

Mike Mills used to teach kids to shoot firearms through the 4-H Club and said it is a gradual process.

“We would start them off with air rifles, then we would progressively take them up to a BB gun, then as they progress on we would take them to .22s,” said Mills.

At the Endless Mountains Nature Center exhibit, members said children are in their care frequently to learn about the outdoors. They said it is up to them to know what is right for those children.

“We would never put any of the kids in danger,” said Rebecca Lesko. “A child shouldn`t have a gun like that unless they have some training with some parents, maybe they have the strength for it.”

The owner of that gun range in Arizona has said he regrets letting the child shoot and regrets that the instructor was killed in the incident.


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