Man Killed in Motorcycle Crash

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RUSH TOWNSHIP -- A motorcycle rider was killed in a crash in Schuylkill County.

Police said Brian Bittner, 38, of Barnesville lost control of his bike and hit the back of a passing car on Route 309 near Tamaqua just after 7 p.m. Wednesday. The motorcycle then slammed into a parked vehicle.

Bittner died at the scene.


  • Jess from Tamaqua

    Two lives were lost in motorcycle accidents in Tamaqua in two weeks, two families are grieving, friends are at a loss for words. Please wear a helmut, check your bike before you hit the road, wear protective clothing, always look twice, act as tho everyone on the road is a new driver, and maybe you can save your life or the life of another.

  • George V

    Yes, it is very sad to see another life lost. Many of these deadly accidents could be avoided, slow down when driving, wear your seat belts and wear a helmet, simple things that we all learn as children. My thoughts and prayers are with all of this young mans family and friends.

  • Lorraine

    Was he wearing a helmet? Not that it will save his life, sometimes it doesn’t help. Motorcycling is so fun, but so dangerous! Car drivers don’t care or don’t notice a motorcyclist at times, and pull out in front…. etc.

  • K

    Prayers and sympathies to all families this season who lost loved ones, and yes, it does seem bad this year. Many auto accidents too! Everyday we are reading about another loss of life, so sad!


    Peace unto the victim, and blessings of comfort to the family and friends – This has been just horrible in our viewing area all spring and summer for Motorcyclists – God Bless

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