Troy LaFerrara’s Wife Reacts To “Thrill Killers” Plea Agreement

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SUNBURY -- The married couple accused of being the "Craigslist Thrill Killers" surprisingly entered into a plea agreement during a scheduled court hearing in Northumberland County.

Now Elytte and Miranda Barbour will spend life in prison rather than go to trial and face the death penalty for the death of Troy LaFerrrara.

Elytte and Miranda Barbour walked out of the courthouse in Sunbury, having both agreed to plead guilty to second degree murder for killing Troy LaFerrara last November.

The married couple was in court for a hearing, but instead entered into that agreement in exchange for life in prison.

18-year-old Miranda and 22-year-old Elytte had been facing the death penalty if they went to trial.

Tuesday night, LaFerrara’s wife reacted to the turn of events outside her home near Port Trevorton.

“My main concern was that they not be able to do this to anyone else, put anyone else through this. That was my main concern,” said Colleen LaFerrara.

Investigators say Miranda met LaFerrara through the website Craigslist and the two met up and drove to Sunbury in Miranda`s car on November 11.

Elytte was hiding in the back seat and choked LaFerrara with a cord while Miranda stabbed him several times.

The couple dumped his body along Catawissa Avenue in Sunbury after robbing him of his money.

The couple said they wanted to kill LaFerrara for the thrill of it and their sensational crime gained them national attention.

“They got what they wanted, they got their 15 minutes,” said Colleen. “I wish people would stop giving it to them.”

As for Troy`s wife, she has only one thing to say to the Barbours.

“I hope they rot in hell.”

Both Miranda and Elytte Barbour are scheduled to be sentenced September 18 in Sunbury.

The district attorney speculated that the plea deal saves the county up to $1 million by avoiding a trial.


  • Joe

    The reporter should have asked the victim’s wife why he was trolling the Internet looking for sex with married couple young enough to be his kids. “So Colleen, why do you suppose your husband was such a perv? Oh, and so dumb?” Those are the questions I’d like to have heard her ask.

    • April

      That is exactly what I was thinking. She made a statement on another article talking about how he was such a sweet and gentle person who would never hurt anyone, yet he had plans to hurt her by infidelity. It’s sad that they killed her husband, but how did he not bring that on himself by seeking outside of his marriage for sex? Serious, that’s a nice and gentle person who would never “hurt” anyone yet was going to engage in sexual activity with a complete stranger. That was completely preventable.

  • Observed

    The way I see things is that all 3 of them including the victim were in some way mentally ill. It’s obvious the killers were….but what about the patron…..aren’t there escort services or something for that? To me they were all thrill seekers.

    • K

      They’re just plain evil. Turned over to a depraved mind because that is what they all chose over morals and ethics. Mentally ill people to me are like those who struggle with depression and anxiety, not sociopaths or psychopaths. They may labeled as mentally ill but derangement and deprivation are just plain evil. I would def put peddies in the category too. Evil nasty depraved individuals.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    What is going so horribly wrong in and 18 & 22 year old’s brain that leads them to KILL SOMEONE? The act so vile that your whole life is spent in prison?? You should be begging for the death penalty! Just get it over with. You obviously don’t value life at all.

    • K

      It is horrifying isn’t it? Sad. What’s horrifying too is the thumbs down comments here, scary to think these two might have a fan club in any way shape or form or maybe it’s the “sex addicts” fan clubs. What a misuse and desecration of the art of love.

  • Denise

    “Rot in hell” at the expense of the hardworking taxpayers in the area. Plea bargains should not be allowed in such cases. It will cost us more to house and feed these animals than it would’ve cost to put them in front of a jury. I’m sure the victim pleaded to no avail.

    • Jeremy

      It will cost them a million dollars for the trial. It said that in the article. If they got the death penalty, they would still be on death row for 20 years because our system is stupid. Then there would be appeals and it would never end.

    • Warløck

      It costs approximately $22,000 per year to house an inmate for life.

      It costs about $90,000 a year to house a death row inmate.

      These people actually did taxpayers a favor.

    • tom

      Exactly-tax money to house them-tax money to feed them-tax money for their healthcare.Why doesn’t the DA’s office ask us taxpayers if we want to spent money like this?

      • K

        Well, I guess I should be glad my tax dollars went to pay for SOMEBODY’S healthcare; too bad it wasn’t for mine!

      • Are You Serious

        Sure thing, I’m sure the DA should consult with you and others about how to do his job. Are you insane? Just read some of the idiotic comments here and you can see why you and others spend the day posting and the DA spends his convicting thugs. Wow!

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