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Troy LaFerrara’s Wife Reacts To “Thrill Killers” Plea Agreement

SUNBURY — The married couple accused of being the “Craigslist Thrill Killers” surprisingly entered into a plea agreement during a scheduled court hearing in Northumberland County.

Now Elytte and Miranda Barbour will spend life in prison rather than go to trial and face the death penalty for the death of Troy LaFerrrara.

Elytte and Miranda Barbour walked out of the courthouse in Sunbury, having both agreed to plead guilty to second degree murder for killing Troy LaFerrara last November.

The married couple was in court for a hearing, but instead entered into that agreement in exchange for life in prison.

18-year-old Miranda and 22-year-old Elytte had been facing the death penalty if they went to trial.

Tuesday night, LaFerrara’s wife reacted to the turn of events outside her home near Port Trevorton.

“My main concern was that they not be able to do this to anyone else, put anyone else through this. That was my main concern,” said Colleen LaFerrara.

Investigators say Miranda met LaFerrara through the website Craigslist and the two met up and drove to Sunbury in Miranda`s car on November 11.

Elytte was hiding in the back seat and choked LaFerrara with a cord while Miranda stabbed him several times.

The couple dumped his body along Catawissa Avenue in Sunbury after robbing him of his money.

The couple said they wanted to kill LaFerrara for the thrill of it and their sensational crime gained them national attention.

“They got what they wanted, they got their 15 minutes,” said Colleen. “I wish people would stop giving it to them.”

As for Troy`s wife, she has only one thing to say to the Barbours.

“I hope they rot in hell.”

Both Miranda and Elytte Barbour are scheduled to be sentenced September 18 in Sunbury.

The district attorney speculated that the plea deal saves the county up to $1 million by avoiding a trial.


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