More Problems For Dunmore Best Western Plus

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DUNMORE -- Inspectors were back at a hotel in Dunmore where a carbon monoxide leak forced out guests over the weekend.

The owners are already talking about a plan of action to get the Best Western open again.

Along with those building inspectors, Best Western Plus also had contractors there hoping to get a head start on the work that's required to reopen the hotel.

Inspectors say they still need at least another day to go through codes violations they say they found while looking for the source of the carbon monoxide.

On Sunday, a carbon monoxide leak sent 24 hotel guests to the hospital. Another 200 were forced out when the Best Western Plus on Tigue Street in Dunmore was forced to close.

Two days later, guests with reservations in hand were turned away in a less dramatic way.

"Well, I don't really want to stay where there's carbon monoxide," said Patricia Cavanaugh from Tennessee.

Building inspectors who have spent the past two days inside the Best Western on Tigue Street say it's free of CO now, but they found other codes violations that are keeping the hotel from reopening.

Jim Loughlin, visiting from Massachusetts, was surprised to be met by a news crew instead of a concierge.

"If you weren't here, the cameraman and the interviewer, I would have no idea what to do."

Several guests had to find other places to stay.

Building inspectors and fire marshals were the only ones allowed inside the hotel. They are still compiling a list of codes violations they say the hotel needs to fix before it can reopen.

Inspectors wouldn't tell Newswatch 16 what exactly those violations are, but an attorney for Best Western told us there are contractors on standby to fix the problems as quickly as possible.

But not quickly enough to save some travelers.

"First thing, I read that we could have the big breakfast, and we could have supper here. We were so thrilled about that because we've travelled a long time. And we're finally here, no breakfast, no dinner, and no hotel," said Elizabeth Lortie from New York.

"You have to deal with surprises when you travel, and this is a surprise," said Jim Cavanaugh of Tennessee. "Besides, we like this motel, we really like it. They're very good to our dog."

We contacted Best Western's corporate offices to see if they're attempting to tell guests about this hotel being closed. Our calls were not returned.

UPDATE: 8/27 -- In an email to us, state department of labor and industry officials said:

"An L&I boiler inspector was at the site yesterday (Tuesday) and is writing up his investigation. We know that the gas company shut the boiler down, but L&I did not seal it out of service as it is not currently in operation.

"The boiler did have a current operating certificate, which was issued December 12, 2012 after an inspection by an insurance company, not L&I. It is due for re-inspection December 12, 2014. This type of equipment is inspected once every two years."

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  • vh

    Not only are they not informing guests that the hotel is closed, they’re insisting it will reopen Wednesday morning and are refusing refunds or to put guests up in other hotels. Negative Yelp review here I come.

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