Landmark Lunch Changing Hands

SCRANTON -- A 91-year-old business in Scranton is switching hands.

Brendan Bell, who currently runs the Southwest Savory Grill food truck, has bought Coney Island Texas Lunch on Cedar Avenue.

The sale includes the hot dog restaurant's secret chili recipe.


  • K R F

    Started going to Coney Island when i worked at the Gulf Station at Spruce and Jefferson.Still go and always enjoy myself. Wish the new owner luck. Try to keep tradition, it has worked for a long time.

  • Bill

    This place was best when Teddy Owned it. After it changed hands the last time it went down hill and sucked anyway! They stopped selling the hamburgers and brought in new ones and new fries and it was never the same.

  • RogerSmith

    Hopefully the new owner will take care of this local culinary landmark, and not change the secret recipe. Been going to Coney since I was a child, in the early 1980’s.

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