Doctors Predict Busier Waiting Rooms With New Prescription Restrictions

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP – Some doctors and patients in the Wyoming Valley expect to see busier waiting rooms this fall, after the feds announced changes to the restrictions on popular painkillers.

The Drug Enforcement Agency recently announced that hydrocodone has been moved to a different category, putting pills like Vicodin in the same category as Oxycodone.

At Geisinger near Wilkes-Barre, Dr. Charles Sawyer explained that patients, who only need to see a doctor once for a six-month supply, will soon be required to visit their doctor for a one or three-month-supply.

"The prescriber could phone the prescription to the pharmacy and could put refills on the prescription. So now the limitations are that each prescription needs to be written out and signed individually,” said Sawyer. "It will be an inconvenience to me and to some of my patients. The question is whether there is any data that suggests that doing this will reduce the amount of prescription drug abuse.”

The new restrictions are expected to be implemented in mid-October.


  • mdog

    Stack em up, line em up like cattle then Dr. Maxwell swings his silver sledge hammer!
    It takes a village to run a jungle.

  • Keith Hinkel

    Honest folks are ALWAYS targeted as the culprets. So search herbal pain killers. There are many and much cheaper than Dr visit and pharm drugs that can kill. Best pain killer I ever used/take=Arnica Montana. Very fast working, lasts 6 hours–I have extreme back pain at times–not one side affect. Tumeric also kills pain. Do your research, hell with feds/drs/pharms.

  • ME

    Most of the drug abusers are not even prescribed the drugs, they get them from ER visits, theft….this is the government just pulling the curtain strings and waving their hand saying see, I am doing something, yeah, putting a band aid over a 30 inch gash on the skin as usual…..

  • Observed

    It’s a waste of doctors time……they will be so jammed ….they’re going to just burn out and quit……at least I would. Drug addiction needs to be treated in a facility specifically for that …..not the doctors office.

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