Deadly Motorcycle Crash Near Nicholson

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NICHOLSON TOWNSHIP — A man from Wyoming County died from injuries in a motorcycle crash Monday.

According to the Lackawanna County coroner, Robert Takacs, 40, of Factoryville crashed on Route 92 in Nicholson Township around 5:30 p.m. Monday.

Officials said he was flown to the hospital where he died from his injuries early Tuesday morning.



    Please God Bless yet this other victim this spring and summer in the WNEP Viewing Area, and comfort their loved ones.

    This is UNREAL the amount of lives lost so far in our area on these bikes ! Some might not of been lost if a helmet was worn, others no helmet would of helped at all. So PLEASE Bikers go slow and be alert, take every safety precaution out there ( HELMET ALSO ) –
    Drivers be aware of bikers, double check your side view mirrors when changing lanes.

    Oh, this is just horrible this biking season in our viewing area, seriously !

    Peace unto all

  • deborahrmorgan

    I see more and more people riding bikes, motorcycles and what I call half cars such as smart cars to save money on gas. To me that’s a shame. D.G. Nickolous has their drivers delivering auto parts in half cars….which to me are no safer than golf carts. Now that’s bs……since when does doing your job entail risking your life?

  • Michael Silva

    how many more untill the helmet law comes back as you have to wear a helmet. but jezz they try to take your guns from you because of some deaths. they should take bikes.

    • D

      Before you start commenting on things and sounds like an idiot towards the family who is mourning from the loss (which is my family!!!) maybe you should think about the fact that maybe he didn’t have any head injuries at all you moron!!

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