Craigslist Thrill Killing Suspects Enter Guilty Pleas

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SUNBURY -- Accused thrill killers Miranda and Elytte Barbour entered a guilty pleas Tuesday in the alleged thrill-killing of a man in Northumberland County last year.

The so-called "Craigslist killers" pleaded guilty to second degree murder and other charges in Northumberland County court in Sunbury.

They’re accused of killing Troy LaFerrara of Port Trevorton last November.

Northumberland County District Attorney Ann Targonski says the plea has been in the works for several weeks.

"It spares the family the agony of a trial, the long, drawn out appeals in this matter and allows for some resolution on their part."

Both Barbours faced the death penalty, had they been found guilty. As part of the plea agreement, they both agreed to plead guilty to second degree murder, aggravated assault, robbery, and possession of an instrument of crime in exchange for a sentence of life in prison.

The victim's body was found in Sunbury. People who live in that neighborhood are relieved the case has been resolved.

"If they would've got the death penalty, they probably would've spent the rest of their lives in jail. Either way, it's probably going to be the same outcome," said Sunbury resident Mike Folk.

"We don't have to keep seeing their court dates, all that, all their hearings and stuff like that. It puts us at ease," added Brittany Stettler.

The D.A. says not having a trial will save Northumberland County taxpayers a lot of money.

"I would be purely speculating, but I could see it easily being a million dollars," Targonski said.

"Actually already having said they did it, it would be kind of crazy for them to go any other which way now," said Blaine Shaffer of Sunbury.

Sentencing is set for next month.

Miranda Barbour told a newspaper reporter earlier this year that she killed at least 20 more people in different parts of the country. The Northumberland County district attorney said the FBI is investigating those claims.

Police said the Barbours met LaFerrara through the website Craigslist, and killed him on November 11, 2013 because they wanted to murder someone together.

Miranda Barbour initially said she stabbed LaFerrara in self-defense, but police said Elyette Barbour gave them a full confession. He told investigators he was hiding under a blanket in the back seat of the couple’s car. When the signal was given, he choked LaFerrara with a cord while his wife stabbed him repeatedly.

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  • Skeptic

    Is it life without parole though? If not, they could be out in 25 years or even sooner with “good behavior”.

  • RogerSmith

    All this living for decades on death row is ridiculous. Killers getting to live out their days in jail is ridiculous. If you’ve been found guilty of murder you should be taken to the front of courthouse and be hanged immediately. All this coddling murderers is just sheer stupidity.

    • JP

      These two were not given the death penalty. But I agree that they clearly earned it and should be hung/shot immediately, as there is no doubt in their guilt. The news reoprted that them being given life sentences instead of the death penalty will save taxpayer’s millions. That right there is one of the things that is wrong with our society and having to coddle to these people’s rights. Personally they haven’t earned their rights and any they did have were void when they murdered another person, for the only reason that they wanted to do something together! I have rope, chains, and bullets which will not cost the taxpayer anything. Consider it a public service.

  • Ron

    whats wrong with the justice system? If someone kills someone the should die the same way.but no we give them a 3meals a day. An a place to sleep for the rest of there lives.An were paying for it.

  • Lorraine

    You see they must have planned the murder ad planned to pay for it in prison, possibly for the rest of their lives.. where is the logic in that? No remorse, no conscious.. no sanity. No emotions.. crazy people are walking among us.. scary.


    Someone is gonna wipe that smirk right off your face in the cell your going to dude !

    Why must us hard working people pay to support these people in jail ? What a waste of our money ! Quite frankly I resent it ! If you kill and are 100% guilty, why do we have to support you ? Your no longer ANY value to the human race !


      I could care less if you have 3 squares a day, ping pong, access to education, religion, possible conjugal visits ! If your a killer you should be taken 1000 miles off land to the middle of the Atlantic, thrown overboard, and if you can swim 1000 miles to land, good luck ! Your no longer a part of society EVER !

    • Warløck

      Someone is gonna wipe that smirk right off your face in the cell *you’re going to*, dude*!

      Why must us *hard-working people pay to support these people in jail*? What a waste of our money*! Quite frankly I resent it*! If you kill and are 100% guilty, why do we have to support you*? *You’re no longer *of ANY value to the human race*!

      (I had the time. You’re welcome.)

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