97th Annual GDS Fair Underway in Wayne County

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DREHER TOWNSHIP -- Tuesday was the first day of the Greene-Dreher-Sterling Fair in Wayne County.

For the 97th year, the fairgrounds in Newfoundland will be the spot for all sorts of entertainment, rides, livestock shows, and more.

The fair, which runs for seven days, has lots of food and vendors, plus truck pulls, and a demolition derby on Labor Day.

Fair directors said lots of people want to be part of the action.

“We have livestock, a lot of exhibitors here. We are actually overbooked in commercial space. We`re actually making room for everybody. We had a couple people who pulled in and said, ‘Hey, do you have a spot?’ And we made sure we had room,” said Fair Director Katrina Caljean.

It costs $5 per person to get into the fair during the week and $8 on the weekends. The GDS Fair wraps up Labor Day in Wayne County.

For more information, including a full schedule of events, visit the fair's website: http://www.gdsfair.com/

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  • Radar

    It’s hard to see a decline in the demolition derby. It wasn’t really well organized and the DJ of the event wasn’t appropriate. Timing, odd relating to the crowd. It was… awkward.

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