Mifflinburg Hose Company Getting Second Fire House In Mazeppa

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BUFFALO TOWNSHIP -- One community in Union County is getting a brand new fire house.

The Mifflinburg Hose Company is adding a second fire house in a rural neighborhood nearby and the members and volunteers are doing a lot to make that happen.

For members of the Mifflinburg Hose Company seeing this new fire house come together is something they`ve been wanting for more than 10 years.

The community here in the village of Mazeppa in Buffalo Township has grown significantly over the years.

It's located about 10 miles away from Mifflinburg and the fire company felt they had to have a second home there.

“There was a fatal fire one night and the fire was extended very far until we got here,” said Chief John Heiges. “And we decided at that time there was a need.”

“This will reduce the response time to this radius, this area probably in half,” said Hose Company President Wayne Bierly.

After overcoming setbacks and delays this effort is now underway.

Thanks to community support, volunteer work and a lot of donations, the fire house is being built for very little cost.

“Basically all we`re paying for is the material and we`ve gotten a very large discount on most of that from Mifflinburg Building Supply, they`re helped us out tremendously with pricing on everything,” said Bierly.

On Saturday, more than a 100 people helped get the building off the ground and work is continuing on with the roof now being put in place.

“It went from nothing to being framed in a matter of a few hours on Saturday,” said Mazeppa resident Ashley Troup. “It was just awesome to see people come out and support a small community."

For residents, they say they feel a lot better knowing help is here.

“The nearest fire house from here is probably 10 minutes away so it`s comforting to know there`s something just around the corner really,” said Troup.

The fire company hopes to have the new fire house open by November.