Cars Slam Wilkes-Barre Building

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WILKES-BARRE -- A downtown building was hit during a car crash in Wilkes-Barre Monday morning.

The cars collided at the intersection of South Franklin and West Market streets before noon. At least one car hit the building.

That same building was damaged in two car crashes last year.

The store front is vacant.

Wilkes-Barre police have not yet said if anyone was seriously hurt or if either of the drivers will be cited.


  • TwoWheelDev

    Just two weeks ago a woman had her legs destroyed in Nanticoke after a car went into the Rite Aid storefront. (Speaking of, why the heck did they not have those poles to prevent that?!!!! If she wasn’t lucky enough to have her torso end up on the trunk, she would be dead!) Now multiple cars are on sidewalks…
    Is it really THAT HARD to drive a car?
    As a Motorcyclist and a software developer, I can’t wait until Google’s self driving cars come out.

    • John

      Self driving cars? no thanks. Maybe for the handicapped or elderly (who seem to be the ones causing the majority of these crashes). But I don’t want yet ANOTHER freedom taken away from me and automated because of some imbiciles or imparied people that don’t know how to drive or are no longer capable. I enjoy the open road, driving and making decisions on my own to drive and how. Too many things that used to be enjoyable are being taken away from us as a whole, only to be automated and thoughtless. Which also leads to less intelligence and dulling of the mind. Accidents will happy and the news media glorifying it does not constitute a need or desire for some ridiculous change or law. You can’t and wont save everyone or please everyone all of the time no matter what laws go into effect or what is banned or changed, or what technological advances are made. Some technological advances have already brought up more concerns and issues and created more problems, which we now need more laws for-and there it is, one big circle of ineffectiveness.

  • Warløck

    These darned buildings should have their own roads. They’re a menace. Who wants to bet the building was texting or hadn’t slept in over 24 hours? Disgusting.

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