Young and Old Come to Celebrate a Little League Champion

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SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT-- Thousands of people filled Lamade Stadium in South Williamsport to watch the biggest game in little league baseball...the world series championship.

People of all ages say that the feeling you get when you walk up the hill and watch the kids playing ball on that field is one of a kind.

"It's a very nice venue here. The field and the whole facility here is really remarkable. The people of this community too. They're extremely friendly, extremely nice. They've shown us a good time," says Matt Sueshoo of California.

Sueshoo adds, "it's been really great; a real delight to be here."

Sueshoo's son, Ethan, is  a little league player who hopes to be on the field at Lamade in a few years.

Even the champions from the original Little League World Series from 75 years ago were in attendance.

"They played in 1939 and they can remember everything like it was yesterday and they're amazing," said Patrick Queinlan of West Virginia.

Bill Bair, one of the original players, says that while many things have changed over the years, the game remains the same.

He added, "we had a new ball for every game. People came to see us play and we had bats we could swing!"

Bair also had some advice for the kids out on the field today, "stay away from alcohol, stay away from cigarettes, stay away from drugs and play hard!"

More than 25,000 fans attended the championship game, and watched South Korea walk away with the win and the title of Little League World Series Champions.