Update: Carbon Monoxide Emergency Sends Hotel Guests to Hospital

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DUNMORE -- Officials say approximately 30 people were taken to the hospital after a carbon monoxide emergency at the Dunmore Best Western.
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Police said a furnace in the hotel malfunctioned and at least 200 people were evacuated.

Hotel employees tell Newswatch 16 the hotel was almost at full capacity.

A Dunmore police officer was called to the hotel after two guests fell ill, and he called the fire department.

An alarm sounded and guests left the hotel.

Guests lined up outside waiting to be checked by first responders.

Melissa Finegan, and EMT, was using a fingertip monitor to test guests' CO levels. She says, "It's toxic, it's poison,they could pass out, it could be life threatening."

The sickest guests were transported by ambulance, others were taken to Geisinger CMC on a school bus.

Bianca Noel was at the hotel in anticipation of moving into her dorm at Marywood University, but had a bad headache and decided to get checked out.

She says, "I wanted to be in there unpacking, but I am still here."

As the wait to get back into the hotel dragged on, some tempers began to fray.

"People needed water to take their medicine, people needed to use the bathrooms, people needed food since we didn't eat breakfast," said Michael Noel of Philadelphia.

Eventually people were allowed to remove their possessions, but the hotel will be closed until the investigation is complete. Guests are being re-booked at two other area hotels.

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  • mdog

    What kind of furnace? There are codes to maintain these things correct 16 ? Someone fumbled many lives here you guys lets shake out some answers or bring in a responsible news team.
    For gods sake your penndooty !

  • gretchen

    There are detectors all over that hotel and they done their job as suppose to. That issue is noones fault and noone is to blame. Uexpected issues like this happen everyday and can happen to anyone in their own home. Glad all are okay and best wishes to all

    • nikki

      Well bill most of the guests this weekend were parents bringing their Cllege students back to the local universties and colleges. So not everyone is a drug dealer

  • Anonymous

    When I was in college our dorms had to get evacuated due to CO2. The alarms in the building didn’t work. Thankfully, one girl brought a CO2 detector and ended up saving us all. Now, I never stay anywhere without one. So scary to think about.

  • Mary

    Thank God the alarms worked ! My brother and his family are in the hospital being treated for high CO levels…

      • K

        I hope they and all involved make a full recovery! Hope they are ok! This is scary! The windows don’t open in these places, (not on low-level floors), and that’s probably for the best in the interest of guest safety, (break-ins, invasions?), however, the vents unless they open to let inside air out, and outside air in aren’t much use especially in cases like this!

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